How can I choose between you two?

Tatum is just your typical girl. She's hilarious, friendly, music, art loving fangirl but what happens when she meets her favorite band All time low? And what happens when two of the band members fall for her? Who will she choose?


3. Luke

Luke's POV:

I don't regret kissing Tatum but I couldn't take it anymore. "Tatum I'm so sorry I didn't mean to." I said. "It's ok Luke really it's fine." I really want to kiss her again but this time I didn't. "So..." I said trying to get past what happened. "So..." "Ok Tatum I really need to get this off my chest. I've liked you since the very beginning and as we became closer my feelings became stronger. I could never take my eyes off you. Every girlfriend I had was a distraction from you but they never lasted too long. I'm sorry if I complicated things but can we still be best friends after this?" I asked. "Of course." Thank the lord.

Tatum's POV:

To be completely honest I didn't mind when Luke kissed me. I kinda hope that he doesn't freak and ignore me. Hell if he ignores me I'll ask if we can be friends with benefits that'll make him not ignore me. "Hey Tatum this is a stupid question but can we be friends with benefits?" That bastard read my mind. "Sure my the hell not." Luke suddenly kissed me again. "Thank you and I promise that if you date or marry a member from All Time Low we will stop being friends with benefits ok?" "Umm ok? What makes you think I'll be going out with someone from All Time Low?" "Have you seen yourself? You're fucking hot and have an amazing personality I bet all of All Time Low would want to date you!" "Thank you Luke." "No problem princess. Now let's get some sleep." The kissed me goodnight and we cuddle till we fell asleep. And boy it was surely one hell of a night.

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