How can I choose between you two?

Tatum is just your typical girl. She's hilarious, friendly, music, art loving fangirl but what happens when she meets her favorite band All time low? And what happens when two of the band members fall for her? Who will she choose?


9. home

Tatum's POV:

I've been having such a great time I didn't realize how late it was. "Guys it's getting pretty late." Said Ashton. "You are always the mature one out of us all ash." I said. "Well someone's got to be mature because you guys goof around a little too much. But I have fun and I am responsible and mature at the same time unlike you people." He said with a grin. "Oh really?" I said getting up and putting whip cream on his face. He tickled me until I screamed bloody murder. After that incident we left the cafe. We said our goodbyes and walked our separate ways. "Hey guys do you want to come to my house? I want to say hi to my parents." I said. "We would love too show us the way." Said Alex. He's so nice I can see why all the girls like him. I can also see why all the girls like Jack. He is exactly like Alex but more energetic and inappropriate. We started walking to my house. I showed them where I went pretty often. We were getting really close to my house. And finally we made it there. I got out my house keys and unlocked the door. "So what's for dessert?" I asked. "Tatum!!" My dad and mom said. "Mom this is Alex, Alex this is mom, mom this is Jack, Jack this is mom." "Hi mom!" Both boys said. I laughed. "Hi boys! I hope you have been treating my step daughter well." My dad said. "they have don't worry." I said. We talked about tour and what we have been doing. "It getting late why don't you guys spend the night?" My mom asked. "Thank you. That would be great." Said Jack. I showed the boys the guest bedroom and my room. We walked back to their room and I told them to go take a shower. Alex followed me to my room. We sat on my bed and he starred at me for a while. He looked at my lips and I looked at him. I kissed his cheek. "Thank you for everything you do it's really nice." "No problem my pleasure. Can I sing you a song?" "Sure go ahead." He started to sing "a daydream away." "Alex that was beautiful." "So are you." He said and he started to lean in. Before our lips touched Jack interrupted us. "Alex your turn." He said. Alex got red and walked out of the room. "Hey Tatum I'm going to bed alright?" Said Jack. "Ok goodnight Jacky." I said and I kissed his cheek. I thought for awhile. Alex and I almost kissed. I like him a lot but I like Jack just as much. Alex walked in the room and told me it was my turn. I took a quick shower and when I dried off and got changed I saw Alex sitting on my bed singing. "Tatum, Tatum you drive me insane. I love you so much but so does my best friend. I really want you but so does he I just don't know what to do. I love you and so does he but I want you I need you. Tatum oh Tatum how I long for you. All I want all I need is you." Sang Alex. I waited a minute and I walked in. "Hey do you want to watch a movie?" I asked him. He nodded and I picked up his favorite Disney movie. Peter Pan. We sat down and watched the movie. I fell half asleep on Alex's shoulder. He got up and turned off the tv and tucked me in. "Goodnight beautiful I love you with all my heart." He said as he kissed my nose, my cheek and my forehead. We walked out and closed the door. I love you too Alex but I Love Jack just as much. And then I drifted into a deep sleep dreaming about Alex and Jack.


Hey guys I just wanted to say I made 2 new movellas! The first one is called "Only You Luke Hemmings" and the second one is called "What Happened To Us//Jalex" I worked really hard on them and I just want to say thank you once again to all of you thank you for reading! Love you <3

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