Silent Tease | Jeon Jungkook

His gaze torments me...tortures me...I love him....I hate him... I'm scared...and terrified....I love him, but hate the idea of getting hurt...

{inspired by a small imagine by av1united}


2. What Do I Feel?

Seoul, Korea

June 3, 2016


~Kim Areum Pov~

"After they practice, make sure that they get some food okay? Or else they'll starve. Literally." the staff member said, as we arranged Bangtans lunch and snacks. I chuckled at her statement.

" Okay I will, don't worry."

*Phone ringing*

"Excuse me for a moment. I need to answer this." she said. I nodded my head and she headed to a corner to talk.

A minute later she returned, looking rushed.

" I apologize but my boss is calling me and its urgent! Can you please finish setting out the food?" she pleaded

" Sure, no problem!" I replied

After thanking me repeatedly she rushed out of the room, leaving me to set the rest of the food out. I grabbed the scorching hot kimchi and set it gently on the table, making sure not to burn myself. 

"Careful." someone said from behind me. I turned around to meet the deep gaze of Jungkook. 

"I'm hungry." he stated

" Then get whatever you want and leave please." I said, turning around to return to my job. Suddenly I felt a pair of slender arms wrap around my waist.

" What are you doing? Let me go!" I said, trying to get out of his reach. 

" You said I could take whatever I wanted." he said, resting his head on my shoulder.

" I was talking about the food idiot! I thought you were hungry!" I said, still struggling against his strong hold.

" I never said I was hungry for food." he said in a husky, low voice. I froze at his words. He spun me around to face him, while still keeping me in his arms. 

" Cat's got your tongue eh?" he said, smirking. Suddenly he jerked me forward, leaving our faces inches from each other.

His lips inched towards mine ever so slowly.

"Hey do you-" Jin oppa stood there, eyes wide.

Jungkook let go of me and I took it as my cue to run. I dashed out of the room, leaving the hyung and maknae together.

~Jungkook's Pov~

"What were you doing?" Jin hyung asked

" Nothing." I said, simply.

" Sure...what was that all about then?" Jin asked, sternly.

" What was what all about?" I asked, putting my innocent face on. Jin hyung curled his fist into a ball in frustration.

" Taehyung will kill you when he finds out you were doing....something with his little sister!" Jin said

"Okay." I shrugged.

"See you around hyung." I said waving a hand behind me.

"Why you little-" Jin hyung said before screaming in frustration.


~Kim Areum Pov~

From that day on I promised myself to keep a distance from Jungkook. I don't know what I would do if he did something to me. Just never end up in the same room with him, especially alone! I don't want to feel what I felt in the kitchen again. I don't want to feel the heat rise on my cheeks or my heart beating crazily just because his fingers brush over mine Why am I acting like this? What do I feel?

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