Silent Tease | Jeon Jungkook

His gaze torments me...tortures me...I love him....I hate him... I'm scared...and terrified....I love him, but hate the idea of getting hurt...

{inspired by a small imagine by av1united}


3. I Hate You

Seoul, Korea

June 12, 2016

8:30 pm 

~Kim Areum's Pov~

"Ah whyyyy?" I whined into the phone.

" I'm sorry, but you know how practice is! I can't come home until late at night!" Tae oppa says.

" But why does Jungkook have to come over?"

" Because no one is watching you!"

" I'm 17 for heaven's sake! I can take care of myself!"

" Says the girl who just whined for her big bro to come home!" Tae oppa says sassily.

"Can't you get someone else?" I asked, desperately.

" No, no one else can watch you! Who do u have in mind?"

" Well....why is he the only one that can watch over me?" I asked

" Because the hyungs are with the managers having a conference and Jimin and I are practicing for a new song we're doing together." he explained.

I hate this! Is a coincidence that jungkook is the only one who doesn't have anything tonight?

"Oki fine, but I'm gonna lock my door!" I threatened.

Tae oppa sighed, I could just imagine him shaking his head.

" Why are you so...I don't know....afraid of him? It's just Jungkook." 

" I'm not afraid....I'm just...I'm not comfortable with him....." I said trailing off.

I would've guessed that Jin oppa had talked to Tae oppa about the thing that happened last week in the kitchen, but Tae oppa doesn't seem to know about anything.

Why? He's not a bad kid! In fact he's really nice," he said " and who wouldn't like the Golden Maknae? He's good looking, talented, basically the whole package!" I cringed as he named all the things that made Jungkook, Jungkook. I don't need you to remind me that Jungkook is perfect! I already know! 

" I....I-I don't know....." I said, softly.

Tae oppa sighed

" Just...please be good, okay? Don't argue with him, okay?"

" Okay"



" Okay, I have to go practice now! I'll see you later, okay?" Tae oppa said

"Okay, see ya."

" Love you Areum!" he said, ending with a giggle. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

" Love you too oppa!" I replied, with the same tone and giggle.

He chuckled and ended the call with another giggle. 

I don't want to spend a whole night with Jungkook! I spent so much time trying to avoid him the past week and now he's coming over to 'watch' over me. I bet he set this all up just to get some time alone with me! Wait, did I just say that? No Areum he doesn't like you!!! Stop it! You don't like him either!!........Okay, I'm calm now.

*Doorbell ringing*

NO I'M NOT!! So soon? ugh!

I lazily picked myself off of my bed and walked towards the door. I opened it to find Jungkook, smiling cheekily at me and holding a box of rice cakes. 

" ugh....what are these?" I asked, annoyed.

" Your dessert, V hyung said you already had dinner so I decided to bring dessert." he said, pushing the box towards me.

I eyed the box and looked back at him.

" I'm not hungry anymore," I turned around and started walking towards my room," so just eat it yourself or throw it away."  I said, annoyed. Suddenly a strong hand gripped my wrist. I flipped my head towards Jungkook and glared at him. My glare was cut short as I made eye contact with him. His gaze was so strong and deep.

" Don't use that tone with me." he said, his voice low and dark. I regained my composer and glared at him.

" I just did. What're you going to do about it huh?" I said. He tightened his jaw and gulped hard.  

He jerked me forward and grabbed my other wrist with his hand.

"Ohhh so scary! I'm trembling!" I said sarcastically. He tightened his jaw again and closed his eyes. I rolled my eyes.

" Let go of me." I said trying to escape his strong hold.

"Never." he said, his voice low but unstable.

"What? I can't stay here forever! I hate you!" I yelled. His eyes widened as I said the words. He looked down at me, with his strong gaze and gripped my wrist tighter.

" That's it don't ever say you hate me again!" He said, his voice rising until he was screaming the last word.

" I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" I yelled back. In one swift move, he wrapped his arms around me. His arms firmly held me in place and kept me from escaping.

"JUNGKOOK! LET ME GO! STOP IT!" I said, struggling with all my might.

" No, not until you take back your words." he replied

" NO! NEVER! I HATE YOU!" I screamed. He removed his arms around me and gripped my by the shoulders. His gaze, strong and deep, but filled with hurt as I struggled against his grip. I screamed and struggled. Then....


His pink lips crashed into mine.


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