Kingdom Keepers: The Second Generation (A Percy Jackson/Kingdom Keepers Crossover)

This is the story of five, five kids whose parents are legacies, Disney legacies. Isabella's parents are Amanda and Finn, she takes after her father as the leader of the group. Winnie, Philby and Willa's oldest kid is a super smart know it all like her parents. Phoebe, Willa and Philby's other kid, appears to have her mother's gift with the characters. May, Charlene and Maybeck's kid has her mother's looks but her father's attitude. And we can't forget Jessica, Jess's kid, who has her mother's gift of seeing the future. Together they make up the second generation Kingdom Keepers.

They also meet up with a certain seaweed brain and his crew. Together they join forces and work together to defeat their enemies.


3. Wait What!

   "That's where I just came from, and Lilo was getting captured right by the Tower of Terror!"  Seeing my frown they all quickly started discussing what to do.
     "Stop, she is probably captured by now.  Let's go and see if we can find any clues about where they are hidding her.  Make sure to keep an eye out, I don't want any of you getting captured."  Smirking I said, "May, how about you take the lead this time."
     Then we all started walking as a group towards the Tower of Terror, where we found no evidence of a struggle at all.


Sorry about the short chapter.

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