Cabin Fever

I just moved here and now I can't get that damn smile out of my mind. How can one person be so cute? How can one GUY be so cute? Am I gay? No, I can't be gay. I can't.. Nixon just moved to a small town in Alaska and soon develops feelings for a dark haird boy. When they both go on vacation together, Nixon soon realizes he can't hide his feelings forever.


3. Chapter three

It was all blurry. Except one thing. My mother. I walked up to her and everything seemed to be clear as day.

“Nixon.. Take my hand honey.” She held her sickly hand out for me. I wrapped mine around hers. “There’s something I got for you and your brother in my nightstand next to my bed. When you go home. Open them for me will you?”

“Of course.” I could feel the tears already starting to fall. “Please don’t go.” I managed to say as I bowed my head. She didn’t say anything. She was silent. I looked up. She was rotten. Her skin clung to her skull and bones. Her jaw opened and teeth missing. Her once bright blonde hair was now a dark brown color. There were sticks and other things in the little to no hair she had. Bugs crawling all over her now lifeless body.

I tried to scream but nothing came out. I couldn’t breath. I couldn't talk. I couldn’t move. I just stood there, not being able to look away. I hear Jason’s voice in the distance. “Nixon, wake up!” I felt my body moving slightly. My mother, or what was left of my mother reached her hand over to me, and said in her ever so sweet voice “Nixon.”

My eyes shot open and I sat up quickly. Sweat beating my brow. My heart beating fast, and my lungs felt as if they were on fire.

“Dude. Are you okay?” Jason asked. I couldn’t talk. I wrapped my fingers around my bracelet. Feeling the familiar metal under my fingertips. I immediately felt secure. “Nixon.” Jason said again. “Are you okay?” He said slowly.

“Yeah.. Just a bad dream.” An image from moments ago popped in my head.

“No, that wasn’t just a dream. You had a night terror again. You were screaming and kicking, Dad said to just leave you alone. But I couldn’t. I waited for you to calm down a little bit and I tried to wake you up. I’m-” Jason stopped himself. “Dad, seems like he doesn't care about you.”  He said changing the subject. There was a heavy pause that filled the room. He took a seat next to me on the bed. “I know you know that. But, just know I care about you and I’ll try my damn hardest to make sure you’re okay. Even though I’m smaller and younger than you, I’ll do my best. Nixon, I love you.” Jason looked at me. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t need to. He knew that I loved him. He knew it.

“What time is it?” I asked

“3:28 A.M.” Jason said looking at my clock hanging on my wall.

“You should go to sleep. We have school in about 5 hours.” I said looking at him

“Not tired any more. Getting the shit scared out of you really wakes you up.” He let out a dry laugh. “And plus, I always wake up around this time every night any way.”

“Why?” I asked

“I don’t know. Ever since mom.” He paused. “I haven’t been able to sleep that well. But I never feel tired. That’s the weird thing.” He rubbed the back of his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. How come you never told me about it?” I said. He gave me a weird look.

“Tell you? Why would I tell you. It’s not a big deal.” He said softly.

“I guess. Do you just wanna crash in here for the rest of the night? I don’t mind if you do.” I brought my legs to my body and sat indian style. “But if not, that’s cool too.”

“Yeah, I’ll stay. We haven’t really hung out in a while.” He copied my pose and leaned against the wall.


The rest of the night or early morning I should say we talked. Just talked about absolutely nothing important. Just caught up in each other's life. It was nice to talk to him again. We never really get to do this. Dad says that it’s too feminine to talk about feelings, or catching up. But fuck him. I know he’s my father and all, but he’s so rude to Jason and I. I know Alyssa notices it, but she doesn’t say anything.

Me and Jason took turns in the shower and we both got dressed. Skylar and Dean picked us up and took us to school.

“Hey Sky!” A blonde girl shouted at him when we walked into the school. “Hey new guy. I’m Harmony! Nice to meet you.” The very flamboyant girl said as she walked up to me and Skylar.

“Hello, I’m Nixon.” I said with a smile. “I love your hair” I gently ran my fingers through her thick long blonde hair. “It’s so thick and long. I love it!”

“Why thank you!” She said with a smile.

“So, Sky. Is this the famous Nixon you wouldn’t stop talking about ALL day yesterday?” She placed a hand on his shoulder. She was about up to his chin.

“What? What are you talking about? I wasn’t talking about anyone yesterday.” Skylar looked at her as if he was telling her to be quite.

“Oh come on. Don’t be like that! There was something about how you both liked the same things, he was in band, he loves English class.” She smiled at me. I looked over to Skylar, it was noticeable that he was trying to to blush. I felt something in my stomach. Are those fucking butterflies? Oh hell no. Yall about to get out in a second. There is no way in hell I have butterflies in my stomach. I thought as I felt the blush disappear from my cheeks. Thank the lord. What the hell is wrong with me? Why was I fucking blushing?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Harmony.” Skylar said in a dead voice. It send shivers down my spine. “Okay, whatever you say sweetie.”

“Let’s go to class.”

The rest of the school day was basically the same as usual. Except one thing happened at lunch.    

I walked up to the table I sat at yesterday and waited to see if Skylar would join me. Instead of Skylar, the table filled up with a bunch of freshman girls. “Hey cutie.” One said to me as she winked.

“Uh, hello.” I started to pack my things back in my bag but she spoke again “Where are you going? We don’t bite.” She placed one hand on my knee and my body stiffened.

“Uh, please take your hand off my knee.” I choked out

“Why, do you want it somewhere else baby?” She seductively said and started to slowly move it higher up my thigh. I pulled her hand away, packed my things up and went to find Skylar.

Other than that incidence, the day was pretty normal. After Biology, which was my last class. Thank the lord Jesus christ. I met up with Skylar and Harmony. He gave me and Jason a ride home. Told us that he’ll pick us up same time tomorrow, along with one of his smiles.

I’m really starting to kind of like it here. Nice people, small town, good school. I like it. The weather is pretty nice for the most part. I already made a friend. A kinda cute one at that.  

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