Cabin Fever

I just moved here and now I can't get that damn smile out of my mind. How can one person be so cute? How can one GUY be so cute? Am I gay? No, I can't be gay. I can't.. Nixon just moved to a small town in Alaska and soon develops feelings for a dark haird boy. When they both go on vacation together, Nixon soon realizes he can't hide his feelings forever.


7. Chapter seven

“Bye Nixon!” Jason called to me as the car drove off. I waved back.

“Ready for this? It’s supposed to rain a lot these first week or so over there, but that’s okay. I like the rain. We can see the storm roll up from the mountains where the cabin is located.” Skylar said.

“Really? That’s awesome. I love the rain as well, it’s so calming.” I said looking out the car window. Not sleeping wasn’t a very good idea. Doing a lot of things wasn’t a good idea. My phone went off, it was a text from my dad. Have a great time with Skylar, call me sometimes, love you.

“Wow, my dad actually said I love you to me.” I was astounded. He never says I love you.

“Is that not normal?” Skylar asked.

“Not at all. The last time he said that was when my mother passed.” I said as there was a pain in my chest.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Skylar said in a sweet tone.

“Don’t be. It’s okay.” I flashed a smile at him.

There was no more talking the rest of the way there. Just listening to the radio, although he did sing along for some songs. I just sat there, watching the trees go by in a blur of green and brown. Soon that green and brown turned into mountains. We turned off on an exit.

“It’s about 20 minutes away.” Skylar said. I nodded. I looked at my phone. 1:48. “We have about an hour and a half to get there, want to stop to get something to eat? I didn’t have breakfast this morning.” I said looking forward.

“Sure, I didn't eat either.” Skylar pulled into a small dinner. “I love this place, I eat here all the time when we come up here.”

“It’s cute.” I said getting out of the car. The fresh air was a treat to my lungs. “It smells so good up here.” Skylar laughed.

“Yeah? Just wait until we get to the cabin. It smells absolutely amazing.” We walked into the dinner. We ate, and headed to the cabin. Right one time. We got the keys from his ‘neighbors’. They were about a 5 minutes drive away. I walked into the cabin and my jaw dropped to the floor. “Holy. Shit.” Was all I could say. The furniture was a beige color, with baby blue pillows perfectly placed in the corners. The legs were wooden. The coffee table was a thick glass that was surrounded by the same wood as the legs on the furniture. To the right is a stone fireplace with a wooden frame around it. The floor was the same beige color as the cushions.

“Oh. My. Lord. This is amazing.. To amazing for words.” I placed my bags gently on the ground and walked into the living room. “It’s so soft.” I rubbed my hand across the pale baby blue pillows.

“Just wait until you see out room.” I heard behind me. “Oh I forgot to tell you. We only have one room because the rest are getting re painted throughout the summer. So we’ll be in my parents room. There’s a California Queen bed, and a pull out couch if one of us wanted to use it. But the bed is big enough to easily fit the two of us. It’s up to you though.”

I didn’t respond, I was still amazed by this place. Skylar huffed behind me and I turned around to see him smiling at me. “Amazed are we?” He asked and walked up stairs to the bedroom with his bags. I grabbed mine as well and followed him. When I got to the room I dropped my bags and my jaw hit the floor.

“Close your mouth honey, you’ll attract bugs.” Skylar said as he laid his bags on the large bed. The bed spread was the same color as the furniture downstairs and the same pillows as well. I picked up my bags and placed mine on the bed next to his.

“Dude, this place is awesome.” I sat on the bed. I felt like I sat on a cloud that descended from heaven. He took a close seat to me. “Yeah, It’s really nice.” He said in a hushed tone. I could see him staring at me from the corner of my eye. He had that perfect smile plastered on

his face. God, he’s so cute.

    “Do you just want to share the bed? I mean it’s big enough for the two of us.” I asked

    “Sure, no problem. So what shall we do to kick off our summer?” A large smile grew on my face.

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