Cabin Fever

I just moved here and now I can't get that damn smile out of my mind. How can one person be so cute? How can one GUY be so cute? Am I gay? No, I can't be gay. I can't.. Nixon just moved to a small town in Alaska and soon develops feelings for a dark haird boy. When they both go on vacation together, Nixon soon realizes he can't hide his feelings forever.


1. Chapter one

I laid on my bed staring up at my white ceiling that had a light morning glow to it. From the sun seeping through my black curtains. As I laid there I contemplated whether or not I should really get up. “Young man if I come in there are you’re not out of bed-” My step-mother shouted through my door. She may be tough on me sometimes, but she means well. “I’m up, I’m up.” I groaned as I threw the only thing keeping me warm off my body. The cold winter air hit me in face like a brick.

“You have about 35 minutes until I drop you off at school. Your first day at a new school, make a good impression.” My step-mother said through my door. “I know! I’m taking a shower!” I shouted back. I walked to my bathroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Oh lord, my dark brown hair was all over the place, sticking up left and right. My emerald green eyes had dark circles under them. I looked like I haven’t slept in days. “Dear lord help this poor soul.” I said to myself as I started the shower. I stripped myself of my blue boxers and a plain black t-shirt. I made sure my door was locked and jumped in the shower.

When I finished I wrapped a towel around my waist. I walked into my room and turned my radio on “Today's forecast for Cantwell, Alaska is high of 12°F and a chilly low of -10°F. There will be little to no wind.” The new reporter said. “Fucking amazing” I opened my dresser and grabbed my favorite shirt. A small smile pulled at my mouth. It was a Crown The Empire shirt. It had a skull filled with flowers on the front. I threw it on along with a pair of simple black jeans. I paired those with my beloved converse. I took one last look in mirror, ruffled my hair to make it look better. I walked out of my room, down the hallway, and into Jason’s room.

“Hey, ready for the first day of 8th grade at a new school?” I walked into his room. He was sporting a nice pair of jeans and a baby blue button up. His hair was perfectly done, and was wearing khaki colored vans. “Clean up nice little bro.” I ruffled his hair, messing it up. “Stop ass-hat!” he swatted my hand away “This took me forever!” He went to fix it “Oh damn, kitty got claws.” I joked and walked out of the room. I headed down stairs and saw my father reading a book and drinking his morning coffee. I’ll tell ya, if he doesn’t have his coffee, you would think I lived with the Hulk.

“Morning son. Ready for school?” He took a pull from his hot beverage. “I don’t know. Do I look ready?” I placed my hand on my hip and put my right foot on the counter next to me. I dramatically threw my head backwards. “Young man. Foot.” My step-mother said pointing at my shoe still on the counter. “Sorry, but seriously. How do I look?” I asked slowly turning in circles. “I like it, maybe a different shit please.” My father said closing his book. “Follow me.” He got up and walked past me. “Dad, I think I look fine.” I said following the tall man. “I agree, but it’s your first day at this school. Dress up a little. Maybe a flannel?” He turned his head slightly as he rounded the corner to the stairs. I raised my brows. “A flannel? Do I even own one?” I asked, trying to avoid the answer I already knew. He stopped dead in his tracks. “Son, the question should be ‘Do I own anything that’s NOT flannel?’” He was right most of my shirts consisted of black, blue, and red flannels.

We reached the top of the stairs and into my room. My father turned around and looked at my outfit. “Let’s see, black? No, the black of your jeans would clash. What about red?” He spun around on his heels and opened the door to my small walk-in closet. “Where did all your flannels go?” He turned around and looked at me with confusion painted on his face. “I got rid of most of them in the move. Only the ones I didn’t wear that often.” I maneuvered my way around him and grabbed my favorite red flannel. “Does this work?” I held it up. He took a step back examined the shirt. Then looked back me. “Yes, that one’s good.” He turned on his heels and walked towards the door. “Hurry, you have about” He looked at the silver watch my step-mother had gotten him for his 44th birthday last year. “10 minutes before Alyssa drops you and your brother off at school.” He closed my door on the way out.

I took my t-shirt off and put it in my hamper by my bathroom door. The red plaid shirt was warm and comforting. It reminded me of my mother. I pushed those thoughts away as I buttoned the last button. I grabbed my book bag, my winter coat and ran downstairs. I was about to head to the car but Alyssa stopped me “Wait! I have your schedule. Don’t want you getting lost.” She handed me a piece of paper. I took if from her hand and looked down at the small printing. English room 112 1st period “Great, English was first hour.” I said sarcastically.

“Oh hush up. You love English class, and don’t try to tell me other wise.” Alyssa was right, I loved everything about English. Reading, writing, Shakespeare’s classics. Everything. I have enough books to open a library right out of my room. I’ve written so many short stories, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how much, even if I wanted to.

My heart jumped slightly as I saw that I was in the advanced band class. “Oh my lord, I got into the advanced band class!” I was so excited, I’ve played the flute for the past 5 years. I know what you’re thinking. A guy playing the flute? You’re kidding right? Well nope, it alwasy intrested me to play the flute. My mother played it, and I started using hers in the 6th grade. I sounded like shit, but over the years i became so much better. When I was in the 8th grade I was first chair. Then the summer between 8th and 9th grade I joined marching band. Those 4 months saved my life.

My little brother Jason shoved my shoulder. I turned to face him. His light carmel hair was now almost identical to how it was earlier. His emerald green eyes complimented his baby blue button up. He really knew how to match everything. He even managed to make everything look good with his skin tone that resembled burnt caramel. Everyone in my family had skin like that. And the best thing about having skin like this is, basically no pimples.

“You be quiet.” I poked his shoulder playfully. “Now, stop it you two. Let’s go we don’t want to be late. Jason we’re dropping you off first.” Alyssa walked out the door, me and Jason following. We walked out the front door and the winter air was like being wrapped in snow blanket. “Dude, it’s so cold out.” Jason complained

“Cold?! It’s amazingly freezing!” I gripped the ice cold hand to the small black car. “I swear I have the weirdest brother ever.” Jason said under his breath as he got in the car. I could hear the tan colored leather seats crunch under my weight as I sat down. I reached for the radio and pushed the cold buttons to turn it on. ‘Archangel’ by Two Steps From Hell played. “Change it and I’ll kill you slowly and painfully.” Jason stuck his head up from the back seat and turned the volume knob up. “I won’t.” I looked out the window and started to mentally prepare myself for the day. I heard the roar of the engine start. “We’re going to have to wait about 5 minutes for the car to warm itself up.” Alyssa buckled up and we sat in silence listening to the radio. The only sound that you could hear was the slight roar of the engine as the car warmed itself up.

That’s one thing I hate about living here. We always have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for the car to warm up enough to drive. See, back in Indiana we didn’t have to wait that long for the car to warm up. Only when it was like negative something to 10°. Normally we only had to wait about 2 minutes. I really miss Indiana, my friends, my school, sometimes the weather, my band family.

I was taken out of my trance by the car backing out of the drive way. I looked out the almost thawed window. I reached my hand up to the arctic glass and wiped my hand across it so I can look out. I lived in a pretty nice neighborhood. I waved at my neighbor, Miss. Griffin. She was 26 years old, had long dark hair, light skin, a little lighter than mine, and the prettiest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. I remember the first time I met her, she was so sweet. She greeted us with hugs, and welcomes. She said that if we ever needed something, she would try her best to help.

Over the past week me and her have become pretty close. She helped me set up my room. She wouldn’t take no for an answer when we told her that we had it covered. She was born and grew up in this small town. She went to school to be an English teacher. So, she teaches at the same school I go to. I hope she’ll be my English teacher. She absolutely loved reading. It was like love at first sight when she saw all my books. “Oh my god! You have to let me read those!” Were her exact words when she saw my bookshelf.

Now that I think about it, I never saw who I have for English. I pulled out the small piece of paper out of my pocket. I unfolded it and navigated my eyes to my English class. Teacher- Miss. Griffin. “Oh my god!” I broke the intense silence that was in the car with my excited screech. “Oh my god! Dude shut up!” Jason yelled from the back set. I heard him hit his head up against the back of the seat. “What is it?” Alyssa pulled into the middle school parking lot. The car slowly inched forward as kids got out of their cars and walked into the building. “Miss. Griffin is my English teacher!” I said practically jumping out of my seat. “Oh, that’s amazing! See you already made one friend.” Alyssa stopped the car so Jason could get out. “Bye! Have a good first day!” Alyssa yelled from the window. We pulled forward and towards the road. “Oh, I hope he doesn’t get lost. It’s the middle of the year and everyone knows where their classes are.” She always worried to much. “He’ll be fine. He’s a big boy. He can handle himself.” I said leaning up against the window. The rest of the ride to my school was silent, we had turned off the radio when Jason left. She doesn’t really like listening to music when she drives. She says it distracts her.

We reached the high school and I was already late. Shit. “We need to leave earlier for now on. Class starts in 2 minutes. Bye.” I jumped out of the car and started to walk into the large brick building. She drove off and I walked in the door. “You’re late. Here’s a pass.” The lady at the front desk said to me. She handed me a small orange piece of paper. I thanked her, pulled out my schedule and walked away. “Where the fuck am I going?” I asked myself.

“I really have to pee.” I walked to the nearest bathroom. I went into a stall and did what I had to do. I walked over to the sink and turned the water on. I washed my hands and was heading out of the bathroom when I ran into someone. “Oh shit, sorry man.” I said as I looked up and saw someone about my age. “No, you’re fine. Are you new here? I’ve never seen you around?” He pushed his glasses back up in front of his crystal blue eyes. “Yeah, here let me help with that.” When I ran into him he had dropped his books. “Hey, I love this series.” I picked up The Knife of Never Letting Go. by Patrick Ness. I handed him the book and he had the biggest smile on his face. “Really? I never meet anyone who like this book as well.” He sounded happy. “Do you need help finding your class?” He asked putting his books back in order again. “Yeah, I have no idea where I’m going.” I chuckled. I was embarrassed to say that. I always knew what I was doing, and now. I’m completely lost. “Here’s let’s see your schedule.” He started to walk out of the bathroom. “Wait? Didn’t you have to use the restroom? I mean you were going in there?” I asked

“No, I just wanted to fix my hair. But it looks good now.” He said running his hand through his jet black hair. It perfectly went into place. “Oh alright.” I handed him my schedule. His face slowly lit up. “We have every class together except Geometry and Biology. So 4th and 8th hour. So I can show you the school.” He smiled at me. He was a little taller than me. But we had about the same build. “Oh, cool.” My mind drifted away from everything for a moment. I thought about how much this school reminds me of my old one. All the memories it brought. The band room. That was basically my second home.

    “I’m Skylar by the way.” He said flashing a bright smile at me. “Oh lord, that’s cute”, I said in my head. “Well Skylar, I’m Nixon. Nice to meet you.” I smiled back at him. We walked past the library. “That’s basically my second home. If you can’t find me, check here, or the library in town.”  Skylar chuckled slightly as we took another turn down a hall. God damn that laugh was hot. Wait, I’m not gay. I never thought a guy was attractive or hot. I’m not gay. I told myself as we stopped in front of a classroom. “Here we are.” Skylar reached out and opened the door and let me in first.

    “Oh so nice of you two to join us. Please take a seat in the back. You two will be partners for the next project.” Miss. Griffin said to me and Skylar. We walked to the back corner by the large windows that lined the wall. He pulled out a worn out black spiral note book from his bag. He opened it and thumbed through the pages. Each page had either drawings or writing on them. He stopped on a clean page and pulled out a pen.

“The project is really easy, so we can start tomorrow, if that’s cool with you?” Skylar turned his head to look at me. “Yeah, no problem. English comes really easy for me, so we can start tomorrow.” I flashed a smile at Skylar. He looked back down at the blank lined paper in front of him. He bit lip and squinted his eyes in concentration. His grip on the silver pen tightened. He relaxed and slightly smiled down at the paper. He put the pen on the paper and make a long line down the middle of it. He started to make an identical line about 4 inches away from the previous one. The lines slightly curved outward at the bottom. But at the top the dramatically curved outward. He started to draw smaller lines. The picture started to come together.

Miss. Griffin stood up and got in front of the class. “Everyone look up here.” The class slowly got quiet and looked at her. “You should have the group contract done. But I have a new idea for the rest of class. You and your partner will be together for ¾ of this semester. So ask basic questions about the other person. Like favorite color, birthday, just get to know the other person.” She flashed a smile at the class.

Skylar put his pen down and completely turned his chair to face me. “So, this will be easy. Considering I know nothing about you. Except the fact that you like The Chaos Walking Trilogy.” Skylar let a smile pull on his face. I swear he has the hottest smile. Wait, what? No I’m not gay. I mean I’ve definitely seen some attractive guys. But I’m not gay. I pushed those thoughts away and slightly laughed at Skylar's comment. “So, where did you live before you moved here?” Skylar adjusted his black ‘nerd’ glasses. Those definitely fit him. Some people can’t pull them off. But lord, he can.

“Lowell, Indiana. I was born in Sacramento, California. But moved to Indiana when I was 4.” I mimicked his position and put my feet up on a nearby chair. “When’s your birthday?” I asked him.

“July 24th, 1999.” Skylar smiled again. God, this kid can smile. I swear I haven’t seen him without a smile plastered on his face yet today. He had dimples that dug into his pale skin. His raven black hair, and piercing blue eyes. Lord, he’s got to have a girlfriend. Oh my lord, this is the 3rd time I’ve thought about him this way. What is wrong with me? I’m not gay. I swear I’m not… But what if I was? How would I know I was? How would I tell my family? How would my friends back home react? Oh god, this is bad.

I was so deep in thought I couldn’t hear Skylar saying my name. I felt his hand shake my shoulder. I shot my eyes to his. His eyes were filled with concern. “Nixon, are you alright?” He asked slowly. His deep voice sent shivers down my spine. “Yeah, sorry. I just space out a lot. That’s all. Sorry.” I relaxed my muscles. He still had his hand on my shoulder. I looked at his hand and then back at him. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Skylar said as he drew his hand off and to his knee. It was weird, having his hand on my shoulder. I know I sound crazy, but I felt something in my stomach. Like deep down in my stomach. It was weird, I never felt that before..

It was quiet for a few long seconds until Skylar looked at me and said “So how long have you spaced out for? And how do I get you to snap out of it?”

“For about a year, and basically just make physical contact of any kind and I’m back into it. And sometimes if you don’t catch me right away, I can space for as long as minutes. My friend Melody back home would always get worried when I spaced out. She said it scared her.” I shifted in the chair to face him more comfortably.

“Oh, well at least you have a friend who is like that. It’s hard to find them these days. Trust me.” Skylar wasn’t smiling, he wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. He was tense. “Skylar? You okay? Wanna talk about something?” I asked in a quiet voice. He shot his head up and once again we locked eyes. “Oh, yeah I’m good. It’s just I’ve never really had friends like that. Actually I’ve never really had friends at all.”

I stuck my hand out in front of me and said “Well, hello Skylar. I’m your new friend Nixon McCall. Nice to meet you.” I smiled. Skylar look at my hand. A smile slowly pulled it’s way back to his face. He took my hand, shook it, and said “Hello, I’m Skylar Martin. I’m your new friend in this shity school.” We both laughed. We were still holding hands. His hands were soft and warm. I felt my face heat up slightly. What the actual fuck is wrong with me? It’s only been about 30 minutes of knowing this kid and I already feel like this? What the hell. God I have problems. Lord have mercy on my soul for I am about to sin.

He let go of my hand and once again placed it on his thigh. “Favorite color?” Skylar asked.

“Midnight blue. And yours?” I asked


“Favorite artist?” Skylar asked

“Either Crown the Empire, or Two Steps From Hell.” I could see a huge smile pull on his face. “Really? You like Two Steps From Hell? I love them so much. I’ve never met someone who likes them.” He had excitement glissing in his eyes. It was a good look for him. “What your favorite piece?” He asked

“Either Black Blade or Strength of a Thousand Men. When I die, I need Black Blade being played at my funeral. It must happen.” I joked.

“Oh my lord, I’m in love with Black Blade. It’s my ringtone.” Skylar chuckled and pushed his glasses up to his face again.

“Dude, same!” I said slightly louder gaining a few stairs from near by classmates. Skylar opened his mouth to say something but what cut off by the bell ringing. We packed up our things and I pulled out my schedule. “So, where to next?” I looked down and we had band together. “Band class. What do you play?” Skylar asked turning the corner to the music hallway. “The flute. You?” I asked

“Alto Sax and Tenor Sax.” Skylar smiled at me. “Do you really play flute? Or are you just fucking with me?”

“I really play flute. I’ve been playing for 4 years. I love it.” I smiled back at him. “Well, just a heads up, you’ll get a lot of shit for it. People in my band are total asshole. Just don’t let them get to you. You do you.” Skylar opened the door to the Music hallway. “Oh, trust me, I got so much shit for it in Indiana, I’m used to it by now. Usually I just tell them grow up and walk away.” I walked into a room that had tall lockers lining the back wall. The ceilings were tall and the room was filled with about 40-45 people.

The band director walked over to me and talked to me about getting a locker. I sat down and Mr. Alvran my band director started attendance. We were all sitting on the ground in a group in from of Mr. Alvran. I was sitting next to Skylar in the back of the classroom. When he got to my name he made me stand up. “So, why don’t you introduce yourself to the class?” Mr. Alvran said and the whole class looked at me

“Well, my name is Nixon McCall. I’m from Indiana, and I play the flute.”

I could see a group of girls smile at me and basically fangirled. “Well, you have a very interesting section.” Mr. Alvran said. Most kids laugh and I sat back down next to Skylar. Mr. Alvran continued to talk attendance. Skylar leaned over to me “You might want to stay clear of Brittany. She’s a complete whore.” I felt a shiver go down my spine as he talked. His deep voice echoed in my ear. His warm minty breath lingered as he pulled away. “ Okay, thanks for the heads up.” I managed to say. The rest of class was fun. Skylar was right, Brittany was already trying to get in my pants. She was hardcore flirting with me, gave me her number.

At the end of class she came up to me and asked “Hey, wanna come over after school? My parents won’t be home. It’ll just be us two.” I was flattered but god she was a total whore. “No, sorry. I’m busy.” I didn’t look at her and I put my flute in my locker and shut it. “Fine. It’s your loss.” She muttered as I walked over to Skylar.

“Okay, you were right. She already tried to get in my pants.” I leaned up against the lockers. Skylar closed his Atlo case and stood up. “Told ya.” He smiled again and lifted his case up into his locker. “Do you really talk to anyone in band?” I asked because no one came over by him, and he didn’t go by anyone else. “No, not really. I keep to myself a lot.” He grabbed his bag and threw it on. “Oh, alright. Well now you got me.” I smiled at him. I realized how much taller he is than me. I had to slightly look up to make eye contact him him.

We headed to of 3rd hour class. World History. I sat in the back corner desk that no one sits in. Skylar was in front of me and was taking notes. I didn’t need to take any because I passed this class with a 98% my freshman year back at Lowell. I knew all the material already so I just sat there, getting lost in my thoughts. I wonder what time it is in Lowell. Well if it’s 11:30 here. Then it’s 2:30 there. Ugh, I hate this time change so much. But I’ve sorta gotten used to it. I was taken out of my trance by the bell ringing. Skylar told me directions to my Bio class.  

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. By the time 8th hour came around I was ready to go home. When the final bell rang I packed up my things and headed for the door. I turned left and walked towards the front office. I walked down the hall when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around quickly. I tensed up until I realized who it was. “Woah, dude. Calm down, it’s just me.” Skylar said flashing his pearly whites. I relaxed my body and sighed. “You scared the hell out of me.” I slightly laughed.

“Do you want a ride home? Or does you parents take you home?” Skylar asked grabbing  keys from his bag.

“You drive?”

“Yeah, got my license when  I turned 16. So you want a ride?”

I pondered at the question for a moment. I’m sure Alyssa will understand that I got a ride home. Plus she did say herself go and make friends. I did make a new friend. An attractive one at that. Oh my lord, I seriously need to stop thinking about him in this way.

“Yeah, I’ll take you up on your offer.” I smiled. We walked out towards the back parking lot. When we got outside the harsh winter air took my breath away. We walked to the back corner of the lot. “Why did you park so far away?”  I asked crossing my arms to try and keep the little to no body heat I have left. I looked slightly up to make contact with Skylar. “I don’t like having my car so close to other people's. This car is my baby. So I park in the farthest spot.” He said giving me a half smile. I nodded my head as we turned down an almost empty row of cars. I looked down at my feet. We were walking in time. Left, right, left, right. This reminded me, I never asked if they had a marching band.

“Does this school have a marching band?”

“Not any more. The school put too much money in for the sports. That they forgot to put some in for the marching band. We had a petition to get it back. We got all the band kids to sign it, some choir kids too. And since the football coach, Mr. Adams supports the band 100%. He even got the WHOLE team to sign. Willing or not, they did help. But none of that even mattered. When we went to talk to our principle about it. He said that he didn’t want to put money into the band program for marching band. That it would take money away from the athletics. And I quote ‘No one cares about the band program. They care more about the athletics.’” Skylar said mocking the principal's voice. “So long story short. No. We don’t have a marching band.” His voice got slightly deeper and his grip on the keys in his hand got tighter. His knuckles turned a pure white from the pressure. He tightly clenched his jaw closed.  He reached his free hand up to his hair. He ran his thin fingers through the raven black fluff. He let out a heavy sigh. I could see his breath leave his body in a cloud of steam.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant.” His voice had returned back to normal.

“No, you’re good.” I said. We finally reached his car. It was a 1967 Chevy Impala. “Wow, nice car.” I looked at the black vehicle sitting in front of me. It had 4 doors, a hardtop, and what looked like the original paint job. Skylar put the keys in and unlocked the doors. I walked around to the other side and opened the door. The smell of new leather seats hit me in the face. I took a deep breath through my nose as I slowly ducked into the car. I reached my hand out and closed the door with a soft clunk of the door becoming one with the car. The coldness of the leather seats seeped through my pants and onto my legs. A shiver went up my spine as my body slightly shook.

“Cold?” Skylar asked

“Just a tad.” I replied. Skylar put the keys in the ignition. The car roared to life. All of a sudden Black Blade by Two Steps From Hell blared through the speakers. Skylar reached his hand to the volume knob and turned it down. “Sorry. I love listening to them really loud.” He gave a slight smile.

“No, you’re fine. I love doing that as well.” I reached behind me and grabbed the seat belt. The cold metal connected with my hand as I heard the click of the buckle going into place. He backed out of the parking spot and headed for the main road. “Where do you live?” Skylar stopped and looked at him with his crystal blue eyes.

“1856 Oakwood Drive, Indian Place.”

“You live in Indian Place?” He asked

“Yes?” I said hesitantly “Why?”

“Because I live there as well. 1648 Cherrywood Road. So just about 2 roads away.” Skylar turned right onto the road.

“Oh that’s cool.” I said looking out the window. The school was in the middle of nowhere. There was fields for miles surrounding it. There was a blanket of freshly fallen snow from the night before. The sun shone through the small openings in the clouds. When it hit the snow, it sparkled like diamonds. I looked passed the field of white and saw that the gloomy could were coming to an end and the sun was seeping through.

“So how did you like your first day of school?” I was taken from my trance by Skylars deep voice.

“Uh, I liked it. Band was fun. And English is amazing. I don’t really like Bio though. Never really have.” I said looking looking down at my hands. I played with a bracelet my mother gave me a few years ago.

“Yeah, I never really liked Bio either.” Skylar stopped at the stop sign and looked over to me. “What’s that?” He looked at the thin silver bracelet I had around my right wrist.

“Oh, my mother gave it to me before she… Left.” I took a pause to gather my thoughts. In this silence Skylar drove forward. “It has ‘For you. My love. My sunshine. My purpose. My life. My heart. My son. I love you.’ Engraved inside of it. My brother has the same one but in gold. He doesn’t wear it often. I wear it everyday. It’s my security blanket. I have to wear it. If I don’t I’m on edge all day until I can put it on. It means the world to me. I love it. My father doesn’t understand why I still wear it. He says ‘She’s gone, you need to move on, Nixon.’” I mocked my father’s voice. “But, I miss her, you know? She was my best friend. She was my only friend. She was always there for me, no matter what. Then one day… It was all taken out from under my feet so quickly.” I took a deep breath. I held back the tears fighting to escape. I started to twirl it around my wrist.

“It’s pretty. I like it.” Skylar said. I like the fact that he didn’t ask what I meant when I said my mother had left. Because If I had to explain what happened I know I would break down right then and there.    

“Thank you.” I said. I had gathered myself together again. “So do you have any siblings?” I asked breaking the silence. “Yeah, I have a little brother that’s in the 8th grade. His name is Dean.” Skylar said turning into the neighborhood. “You?”

“Yeah, he’s in the 8th grade as well. His name is Jason. Maybe they’ll become friends.” I slightly chuckle

“I don’t doubt that. Dean is very outgoing. He’ll make friends with anyone.” Says Skylar.

“Yeah, Jason is kind of introverted. Kind of like me.. Or at least the old me. I was so closed off that I would only talk to my section and that’s it. Marching band really brought me out of my shell.” I said looking foward at the empty road in front of me. “They made me feel like it was okay to be myself. I slowly got comfortable around them, and starting to open up. After the season was over I was myself all the time. I didn’t care what people thought about me in Highschool. I was just having a good time being me. And if they had a problem with that. Then they can suck my dick.”

Skylar let a puff of air from his nose. “Well, that’s a way to put it.”

“Yeah, I’m very.. Uh how would I say it?.. Wordy?”

“I know what you mean. I a little like that. But not that extreme.” We both slightly chuckled as he pulled into the neighborhood. “What street did you say you live on again?”  

    “1856 Oakwood Drive.” I say as I took ahold of my bag. He nodded his head and headed to my street.

“Tan one with the black pickup truck.” I told him. He pulled off to side of the road in front of my house. “Here you go.” Skylar said with a sweet smile.

“Thank you, Skylar. I’m glad I ran into you this morning. You’re a pretty cool cat.” I flashed a smile and hopped out of the car. When I started to walk up my driveway I heard Skylar call my name.

“Do you want a ride to school tomorrow? Or do you want to take the bus?”

I pondered at the question for a moment. Do I take the ride with an obviously cool person, or take the bus? Well, Alyssa did want me to make new friends. Maybe.

“I could give your brother a ride as well. I have to drop off Dean too.”

What’s the worst that can happen? I make a new friends?

“Yeah, I’ll like that. What time would you be here?”


“Alright, see you tomorrow. Bye.” I waved and turned around. I heard his car drive away. I walked in to see Alyssa lighting a candle in the den.

“Smells good Alyssa.” I shut the door behind me and throw my bag on the couch.

“Thank you honey. I made your favorite candle today. Ocean Breeze.”

“Awesome. Thanks.” I say as I sat on the couch.

“So, how was your first day of school?”

“It was good. I made a new friend. His name is Skylar.”

    Hey guys! So I've been working on this story for a few months now.. So let me know what you think of it. 



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