Cabin Fever

I just moved here and now I can't get that damn smile out of my mind. How can one person be so cute? How can one GUY be so cute? Am I gay? No, I can't be gay. I can't.. Nixon just moved to a small town in Alaska and soon develops feelings for a dark haird boy. When they both go on vacation together, Nixon soon realizes he can't hide his feelings forever.


5. Chapter five

    The last weeks of school went by in a flash. I passed all my classes with flying colors. I’m taking AP english next year and all honors courses. It’s the last day of school, the last class.. And it’s taking forever to end. We were watching a wildlife movie in Bio that I didn’t really care for. So I was reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I was at the part where Jem was got his arm broke when the fin rang. I packed up my things and walked to the library.

    People were hugging and laughing. Some crying. I pushed my way through the crowded hallway and walked in the library doors. As the heavy door shut behind me, all the noise shut off. Only the hum of the lights was autobal. I looked around but there was no sign of him. I walked towards the fiction section. He wasn’t there either. I know where he’s at. I walked towards the stairs leading to the upper part of the library. Each step echoed through the quiet library. As I reached the top of the staircase I turned right. Towards his little window he’d sit by and read.

“Oh, hey Nixon.” I heard behind me. I spun around and was greeted by Skylar.

“Oh hey, I was just coming to get you. Normally you have music playing and don’t hear the bell.” I walked up to him. M being me trip over my own feet. I was just about to fall when I felt Skylars grasp around my waste. My face hit the crook of his neck. “Oh there clumsy, you okay?” He asked as I bring myself to stand up. “Yeah, I’m good. Sorry about that.” He smelled like soap and dirt. Like… Earth, pure, clean, and dirt. It will be forever printed in my mind. That smell. Mmmm it’s amazing.

“Alright. Well ready to go?” He asked and I nodded. We walked down the stairs in sink. Left…Right...Left...Right.

“So how was your last day?” I asked

“It was boring. Took forever to end though. Oh, I’m picking you up at 11:30 tomorrow. We have to be at the Cabin by 3:30. I want some time in case there’s a lot of traffic, or if we want to stop and eat on the way there.” Skylar said as we reached the bottom of the stair case.

“Alright, sounds good. I’ll start packing tonight.”

“You haven’t started packing yet?!” Skylar pushed opened the door.

“No…. Don’t worry, I got it allll under control.” I said as the heavy doors closed behind us. Most of the kids were gone for vacation, the halls were bare. Just Skylar, and I. Every once in awhile there was someone would walk by us.

“Oh really? Remeber what happend when you said you had in all under control? You tripped walking up on stage at the concert.” He let out a slight laugh.

“Hey! It was a gravity check.” I shouted back.

“Okay. Whatever you say honey.” Skylar laughed. I could help but smile at the sound of his laugh and the way his smile can light up any room.

“So, are you taking AP Comp next year?” I asked

“Yup. You are right?”

“Yes sir, I am.” I smiled and looked up to him. My eyes met his and my heart did a thing. It was silent in the hall besides our footsteps marching in time. He grabbed his car keys as we reached the doors.

When I got home I ran up stairs to my room and pulled out a suitcase and a small backpack. I packed what I needed, took a shower and ate dinner. After dinner I went to my room and started reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

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