Cabin Fever

I just moved here and now I can't get that damn smile out of my mind. How can one person be so cute? How can one GUY be so cute? Am I gay? No, I can't be gay. I can't.. Nixon just moved to a small town in Alaska and soon develops feelings for a dark haird boy. When they both go on vacation together, Nixon soon realizes he can't hide his feelings forever.


8. Chapter eight

It’s been two weeks since we got here. And let me tell ya, Skylar is funny as hell when he’s drunk.




    “You want the last one?” Skylar asked gesturing to the last beer in front of us.

    “Nah, go ahead. I think I’m good for now.” I had 3 beers, about 4 shots of vodka, and I only feel buzzed.

    “Sweet.” He picked up the beer and popped the top off on the side of the table. He brought the cold bottle to his lips.

    “Wish I was that bottle.” My eyes shot open wide and clasped my hand over my mouth. What is wrong with me? It’s probably just the alcohol talking. Yeah, that’s it. It’s the alcohol.

    “What?” Skylark pulled the bottle from his mouth.

    “I said… Uh.. I said that.. I. I really like the design of the bottle.” I lied.

    “Alright. Well come with me. I want to show you something.” He got up and stood there for a long time.

    “Sky? You okay?” I asked walking over to him, slightly tripping over nothing.

    “Who? Me? Of course, I’m great.” He dropped his arm over my shoulder. He put most of his weight on me so I had to place my hand oh his chest to balance him for a second. “What isn’t great right now? I’m with my best friend, at my summer cabin alone, got beer, and vodka. Which are amazing.” He said in a slur, his hot alcohol breath brushed my ear, which sent shivers down my spine.

    “What did you want to show me?” I asked

    “We can do that some other time. Right now I want to dance. Turn the music up.” He stepped away from me and walked over to the radio that I forgot that was still playing. He turned it up so loud I thought the speakers were going to explode. He walked into the middle of the room over to the bed. He started to fair his arms and legs like he was getting attacked by a swarm of a million bees.

    He stopped completely, pointed at me and said “You.” He started to ‘dance’ again, but this time he made his way on top of the bed. This time he was jumping around in circles and singing a long to the song. I have to be honest here, he does look really cute.

    Next he did something I never thought he would ever do. He ripped off his shirt over his head and through it on the ground. But I’m not complaining at all. He had an amazing 6 pack paired with a slight v-line. His biceps looked larger now that there was nothing to cover them. Lord, he’s not just cute, now he’s hot. His raven hair was flapping back and forth as he spun around. I noticed something else, he has a happy trail. The dark hair on top of his pale skin was beautiful.

    I felt something in my pants. I looked down and it looks like I was excited. “Oh lord.” I said as I grabbed a nearby pillow and covered it up. I can’t believe that this just happened, I need to control myself. I’ve done a good job this whole time. It’s just the alcohol taking control. That’s all. Just the Alcohol.

    Skylar jumped off the bed and walked out the door. I followed him so he wouldn’t end up hurting himself. He stumbled into the kitchen and over to the fridge. He grabbed ahold of the handle and opened it. I took a seat on the counter to right of him. “Nixon! You want something to eat?!” He shouted. He must of not hear me follow him in here.

    “Sure, whatever you have sound good.” I said calmly. He spun around. Too fast, he started to fall when I caught him. “Easy buddy.” I said pulling him back to his feet. I never knew how tall he was. I was about up to the top his ear. “You okay?”

    “You’re so cute Nix.” He kissed my cheek, and turned back to the fridge. I was frozen with a blush creeping up my neck. Did that really just happen? Did he call me cute? Did he just kiss my cheek? I stared at nothing in particular just replaying what just happened in my head. My blush growing deeper and bigger. “How about chicken?”

    “What? Oh yeah, that’s cool.” I said snapping out of it. We ate the chicken, but Skylar didn’t even make it to his room before he passed the hell out. I chucked to myself and picked up our plates. I went upstairs, grabbed a small pillow, and a blanket. I put the pillow under his head and wrapped the blanket around his body. “Thank you Nixon.” He said as he wrapped himself in the blanket and smiled.

    “No problem Skylar.” I smiled and put a glass of ice on the table so by the time he wakes up most of the ice will be water. I went into the den and passed out the second the back of my head hit time pillow.

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