The Winters Untold

The story is about two sisters born with different powers but one sister uses her powers for ungodly like things but her sister who haves Ice Powers takes good advantage of her powers they finally deiced they will stop messing with each other until the fire sister decieds to attack her sister What will happen now.


1. Getting to know the charcters


Getting to know the charcters






Kaley Cockrell(Ice queen)

She was always the mature one of the family but always knew how to keep her sister happy. Altough most of her famliy members where born with fire powers she on the other hand was born with Ice power that sometime made the family isolate from her Of course not her little sister there to keep her older sister company.







Carlene Cockrell





Caralene Cockrell is the younger sister of Kaley cockrell There parents always saw alot in Caralene because she has fire powers just like the rest of the family. That was gone as soon as Caralene became a teenagers. She wanted to be evil not like the rest of the fmaily and be good she wanted to be the different one that is why she was always jelaous of her older sister.




Charles Mason 

Charles is a Long friend of the Cockrell family but he always had something for the older sister Kaley, But Caralene happens to love charlie. He has the power of Ice and fire 

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