Why did you leave me

What happens when a father abandons their child, notice their mistake, and want to say sorry?


1. She left

Matthew's P.O.V

"Entry number one....my name is Lilith Patterson,the child born without parents or a family that care for her. My father is Matthew Patterson a man that was born with parents that love him but hate me, I never got to know my mother and I don't mention her in front of father.I was a mistake born into the world , when I was born my father didn't carry me , heck he didn't even look at me.I've always wanted to just end my life not have to be with the father that never kissed me good night, or even celebrated my birthday it was always just me alone, I've never smiled before and I don't intend to. I have to go. End of entry number one." I heard Lilith talk to the tape recorder. A few days ago Lilith went missing. The police think she might have committed suicide some where outside the country. They found a tape recorder with her name on it, with a bunch of entry's since her thirtieth birthday. I felt horrible listening to these, knowing that she felt alone. When Lilith was born her mother , Delilah , died. Lilith looked just like her mother, brown hair with hazel eyes, she was a small thing so fragile looking but after hearing the first entry I knew she was very strong, living sixteen years without a loving father. It's not that I didn't love her it's just ... I was scared of hurting her like I did with her mother,I was scared of failing her like I did her mother.

"Mr.Patterson we have some information we think you might like to hear" a police officer spoke as he looked at me with a emotionless face. I got up and he led me to a room.

"Mr.Patterson we found a pice of paper of what seems to be your daughters diary." He said as he handed me a piece of paper.

"Dear stupid piece of notebook paper, I'm going to Europe to get away from this living hell. I don't think anyone will miss me... maybe the jerks at school will miss pushing me but that's all I expect.Well I'm going to go on a plane tonight to Scotland I might buy a new tape recorder for my new life a life without suicide attempts a life without a hateful father a life with a new me.If anyone finds this tell my father that I'm going to never ever come back , even if pays me to , I left him in the ashes of my old life. That's all - Lilith" I ... I can't believe I abandoned my own child ...for 16 years. I need to go find her , I need her to know I really do love her, I need her to know that I'm sorry for all the sorrow I caused her. I'm going to find her... Even if it takes me the rest of my life.

A/N I don't know why I felt like writing this but here it is.

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