The Adventures of Mary Fall

Join Mary Fall in the adventures of her life and the consequences of her decisions.

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4. Victorian Couches

When the last bell rings for us to go home, I went to the front of the school to wait for my mother. While I was waiting, Caleb came up right by me, leaning against the brick wall that held up the school. I could tell that it was him due to that overwhelming cologne he wears. Makes me wanna choke. When he sees that I notice him right next to me, he grins at me. "Don't you drive yourself home?" I start to see if my mom was coming so I wouldn't have to chat with him for too long. "Yeah, however I was thinking about whether I can drive you home. I don't want you to hold up too long." He endeavors to put his hand on my back yet I reject it by slapping him in his chest area. Why does he hit on me? In the event that he likes me, would he as of now hit on me like quite a while back? "My mother is picking me up and she will be here any moment." I wryly grin at him and began to search for my mother once again. She's still not here. She would've been here at this point. Why is she late? While I was attempting to disregard Caleb gazing at me, my phone vibrated and it was a text from my mother. It said Sorry Mary I can't pick you up, I need to work late. How am I going to return home? It would appear that I need to ask Mr. Man-whore to give me a ride, however in the event that he tries to touch me in at any rate he will get punch in the throat. "Everything okay?" Caleb leans to look at me. "My mom can't come get me." I muttered so Caleb wouldn't hear me however clearly he did in light of the fact that he's grinning. He rubbed his hands together like a fly and he was going to say something idiotic or flirtatious. "Would you like me to give you ride, Mary?" He wiggles his eyebrows and put a touch of an emphasis on my name. That is creepy yet I needed a ride home before I end up spending the night here. "Fine but don't try anything or else." I order him. He grins and nods. I glare at his eyes and notification that they're green. Like a truly light green like an eau-de-nil shading, they are beautiful. We over to his vehicle and it's very rich person material. It's a wine red shade Charger which is the car I always dreamed of having. I watched out the window so the drive can go quick yet it was taking longer than expected. While I was watching out the window, I felt something warm on my lower thigh range. I turn around and it's Caleb's hand. I should've know that he would do something like this. I scuff and lift his hand and push it to him out of anger. "What did I say?" I began to get an attitude with him. Who the hell does he think he is? He may have the capacity to get Penelope and Natasha yet he's not overcoming me. "Oh come on, babe ." He perks his lips and I push his face away. "Just take me home and don't touch me." I put my finger in his face to tell him I'm not kidding. I could feel my face turning red from being so pissed and we finally arrive at my house. I get out the vehicle without saying anything, not even a thank you. He attempted to bother me by grabbing me with his hand. Call me immature however I despise being touch particularly by somebody like him. I go into the house and my mother is preparing something. Odors like special brownies! They look like only brownies with M&Ms yet they have a mystery fixing in there that nobody will ever make sense of. The mystery ingredient is melt chocolate and coconut oil. Shh. "Smells good, Mom."I put my book sack on the counter and see her emptying the batter into the pan. I ponder what the occasion event was and I thought she had to work late. Did she truly came up with that excuse to keep her from picking me up? "Thanks honey, I'm going to put Hello Kitty on it in honor of your birthday this weekend." She smiled and put the pan into the oven. I really want my phone back so I can have a life. "Mom is this why didn't pick me up?" I cock an eyebrow at her and he face turns into one major smirk. My mom now looks like a little kid. Congrats Mom. "Maybe. I wanted it to be a surprise." "Well can I have my phone back?"I blurt out. My mother's enormous grin transforms into an icy gaze at me. Possibly I shouldn't have ask her so soon I mean it wasn't that long back when she took it away. "Sure I'm pretty sure you know not to hit your cousin." She opens one of the kitchen drawer and gives me my phone. Truly? It was in there the entire time and I could've had a hold of it. I took the phone out of my mother's hand and run up to my room to call Emma. While I was sitting tight for Emma to answer me, I put my hair out of a pig tail and brushed it out. It went to her phone message after the fourth ring It's Emma, leave a message and I will get right back to you. I chose to not leave a message, I can talk to her about what happened with Caleb at school. I understand that I need to go to Natasha's hair arrangement if I want to keep my phone during the current week. I sent her a message saying I want to accompany you to your hair arrangement. She replied good see you in a bit!:) I can imagine her saying that in her most squeakiest voice ever. I sincerely don't perceive how she can be so enthusiastic constantly. I went to my closet and I chose a dark shirt with daisies on it with some jean shorts. My hair. It's a complete rats nest. That is the point at which I chose to give the tutorials from YouTube something to do and put my hair in a braid. I couldn't braid my hair to spare my life however I could do other people's hair. A vehicle horn went off so I put on my black vans and went downstairs, kissed my mother on her cheek. I go outside to see Natasha in her ash gray Mercedes-Benz sports car, smiling cheek to cheek. She's too happy ~~*~~ We arrive there and it doesn't even resemble a salon, it just seems like a rich person's home. She knew somebody that could do hair for free and didn't let me know? I've been sparing cash to color my hair ombre. In addition my mother said I shouldn't color my hair on the grounds that a most people color their hair my shade and that I ought to be appreciative that it's natural. "Where are we?" I slam the car door and admire the house with my jaw on the ground. It looks simply like the ones on Tumblr that makes you simply need to snatch the house from the screen. "One of my good friend's house. She can do hair very well." Natasha rings the doorbell and some lady answer the door. She had pure black hair that was in a bump ponytail and she dressed like a principal. Weird yet tasteful. "Both of y'all please come in." She invited us in and the inside was even more beautiful. "I see you brought a friend." She smiles at me. "This is my cousin, Mary; Mary this is my hairdresser, Ms. Sophie." Natasha introduced us. Ms. Sophie offered me a handshake and I took it with a sweet smile. "Well let's get started, Natasha." Ms. Sophie led Natasha into a room upstairs. I go into the next room which was the living room and they have a Victorian couch! I always wanted a Victorian style love seat or something Victorian, that is my favorite style. I begin to rub my hand against the fabric of the love seat and it's astonishing. It's so soft that I could probably nap on it for the rest of my life. I want this love seat, I need this love seat. I deserve this love seat. "You like my couch?" A smooth voice made me jump. It's Dylan, I didn't realize that Ms. Sophie is his mother or this was his home. Fortunate for him he gets the opportunity to live here. "Dylan, what are you doing here?" I chuckled nervously. "I live here." He mockingly commented. I'm feeling truly apprehensive, I don't care for him or anything it's simply that he found me rubbing his love seat. That is simply weird. "What's up with you, cutie?" He smirks simply like Caleb does. Call me insane at this moment yet I think I would rather Caleb over Dylan. Why? Even though Caleb may be a playboy however he's single (from what I determine) and Dylan may be one as well yet he's dating my closest friend. "I don't appreciate you calling me that." I remain standing by the TV stand to make tracks in an opposite direction from him. Under the TV stand was a chimney. Now that is class, to me at least. "Babe don't be like that." He comes behind me to place his hands on both of my shoulders. I begin to panic so I go to the front done and incline towards it until Natasha is finished with her arrangement. "Stop calling me that! Emma is your girlfriend, not me." I snapped at him. His eyes widen and he tries to hug me from behind. I pushed his arms away from me and I turn around to calm myself down so I don't end up injuring him badly. "But babe....." Dylan got interrupted by Natasha and Ms. Sophie descending the stairs. Natasha had light chestnut hair and it was trimmed, she really resembled an average young lady yet she doesn't act nice. If you catch my drift. "You look so pretty." I begin to play with her hair. It's so soft! Natasha screeched when I complimented her. "Thank you Ms. Sophie for everything." Natasha embraces Ms. Sophie. Dylan was gazing at me which was making me extremely uncomfortable. He has no outward appearance, he simply remaining there and gazing. Creepy. "Your welcome and it was nice meeting you, Mary." Ms. Sophie shook my hand. I open the door for Natasha and she hopped into the car. "Hey." Natasha looks at me like girl was about to tell a secret. This can't be good. "Don't you that guy Dylan was cute?" She asked. Are you kidding me? I basically jump down his throat just so he would leave me alone but he's probably going to still bother me. "Um no." I give her a revulsion look. She takes a gander at me as she doesn't believe me. Did you not hear me shouting at him? Or him staring at me like a pedophile. She turns around and starts the vehicle. I can't accept she asked me that, yes he's charming however he's a playboy which isn't my type. When I would, I'm going to tell Emma everything and I hope she dumps him and he abhors me for informing her. How could he make advances on me like that? What Emma don't know, won't hurt her. Won't hurt her my rear end. All this think is making me even more pissed at him, I hope Natasha is the main girl he can get. Harsh, I know. ----------- Hope you enjoyed this chapter!:)
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