Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


6. Turmoil

Luke gazed shockingly, Naboo was destroyed I saw it with my own eyes you were buried there if you returned you died with its destruction!

Luke I awoke before it's demise I stole the Ship and escaped Naboo days prior to it's destruction, I have finally regained my Mental Stability now I found you son, Luke walked to her and hugged her, Padme crying to see his Son as a Adult,


Rey before you try to escape this Planet learn to control the Dark Side Make it you're's, There's alway's a way to control any Darkness Rey meditated calmly she moved her hand over her Injured Shoulder She moved it and then it started to Heal she exhaled after the Pain went away still it would have pain but not as bad, she got up and said then I control it?, Yes Rey follow me you need more training and I can teach you this, Rey followed she went in the Temple and Became Unconscious she closed her Eyes as Kenobi called her name she opened them and saw a Figure it was wearing a Dark Cloak then it walked to a Battlefield of a Dead Army, Rey she ran to the Voice and saw Luke, why didn't you help us as he was stabbed twice in the Neck and Chest, then she saw Kylo decapitated, she saw many people Layed dead in blood, Chao's Death everywhere she saw Chewbacca shot in the Leg and Heart she cried and saw the Army Strados had led he then destroyed the Planet they all were disintegrated, she regained her consciousness, she said shocked, I saw something it was horrible Luke is dead and-, Rey it is the future you see if you don't come back to them they will all die and so will the Galaxy if the army wins, Rey calmed down a bit,


Kylo saw her Grandmother for the first time in person he stood silent, Padme looked over Luke's head and saw him she said who are you?, Kylo spoke I am Your Daughter's Son, she smiled and said where's my Daughter?, Kylo replied ...she died.. Padme then stopped smiling and said what happened!, My Sister perished when the Army perished the Planet she was on she died Mother Luke replied,

Padme looked angry at the Army's Words she hugged Kylo and Luke and left (tightening her Fist) she was furious she left the Falcon after saying goodbye, Meanwhile.. It's time we name this Army! Strado's shouted, What sir? As he put his hand and tightened his Grip on The Officer for interrupting him he held him over a Edge of a Balcony and dropped him when he fell and broke his Back and Neck from the fall instantly killing him, No one interrupts me! On the Planet Utapau a Remade Planet as it was once a Sinkhole to live in, We name my..Our Army!

The Gray Empire! As they all shouted agreeing to Strado's!.

Rey continued Training with Her Father more and more she learned but still not everything she will be there for a while until she could escape, More and more I think this is it but is it? As a Voice spoke out on the Fleet conveying the Problems further he said What if this isn't the Final Battle but just the beginning of another? He said, Plagueis responded, it is the Final Battle there's little to no Sith Left sure there's gonna be Pirates and such but this is the Final Battle,

You think it is but it's just a trick it's all a Dream he said curious to what Plagueis would say, What's your name?, My name is Ajunta Pall!, Plagueis surprised to find he was indeed talking to the First Dark Jedi he quickly changed his Expression and said, Ajunta it's not a Dream can't you see this is it Planet's are being laid to waste like a Junkyard it was horrible even for us to do such a thing! Whoever is doing this i- as the New's showed showing Strado's speaking of the Armie's Name, The Gray Empire? As all of them thought, It continued We shall rain of the Galaxy we will kill everyone who gets in our way! We Will DESTROY THE GALAXY!

As it cut off, Everyone knew that it's getting closer to there demise they knew they need to start the Attack now, Padme furious was in hyperspace speaking to her once Loved husband Anakin, Ani why did she have to die!, as Anakin put his his Blue Transparent Head down he spoke Padme there's nothing we could've done. There's always a Way! Always!, she talked to Anakin eventually he calmed her down a bit then the Voice came...We are the Gray Empire, as it continued she looked furiously at his Face she wanted revenge and she was gonna do anything to do so she wanted his Heart torn out and stabbed, she grabbed her Blaster and shot the Screen as it blurred out she went into Autopilot and loaded her Weapons.... Rey finished part of her training she sat down and asked why did I get the Vision?, Rey your a Jedi it's alright to have Visi-, no it wasn't about me why would I have this kind of Vision it hurts just thinking about it, Rey it's ok, ...who was the Dark Cloaked Figure? She was curious and wanting to know who, Rey I don't want you too-, Please tell me!, he sighed, it was you Rey it was you..

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