Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


3. Transformation

As the Millennium Falcon entered Hyperspace to The Center Core, Rey begins her Dark Side Transformation,

she raged out on the Trees as her Eyes turned Yellow she was full of Darkness Hatred she yelled I HATE YOU YOU HEAR ME, HATE YOU!

In Pure Anger, she fell on her Knees crying she then stopped and slowly looked up with Eyes Bright Red....

Luke we're here Kylo said, I know I have had a lot of Darkness clouding me but Kylo don't worry I won't give in I won't..

Kylo replied I hope so my Parents are dead I know I killed-, Kylo you were consumed by the Dark Side it wasn't your fault, but without my Parents you are my Uncle so I can't lose you, you won't Kylo you won't as they stepped out of the Falcon and walked to the Core, they saw it for the first time the Core of the Galaxy the Galaxy itself.. Kylo walked up and spoke. Galaxy look someone has the most Powerful Weapon and is devastating Planets with it,

We need help to defeat them he's powerful just himself if we don't do anything I fear we all will die, The Galaxy communicated with Kylo, "Kylo! Luke! Listen to me.. I know what's happening and it's gonna destroy us but I know what your thinking it's dangerous, it replied but it's this or we all will parish I know I had a Nightmare a Vision

it told me to do this if we don't there's nothing else that could stop them it has to happen, As the Galaxy sighed it replied fine but! They stay dead after you defeat them after you even possibly win. Luke stepped up, Galaxy we praise your decision as he bowed before it,


Sir why are we on this Planet? we teach them who's worse than The Galactic Empire and the First Order we slaughter them, What? I am not slaughtering Children! As he looked angry he choked him and threw him into the Ground snapping his Neck in the process, he spoke to the People.

LISTEN TO ME! I am your doom I am your Reaper accept Your Demise or else, they ran away as he lunged his Two Sabers and jumped on the Ground with Black Eyes he sliced the Villagers and....The Children as his Army saw it they put there hands on there mouth terrified of what he had done, He rampaged across the Planet with something consuming him to do this he was so fast so powerful so unbreakable hours later he slaughtered every living thing Children too it was at this Point if the Army didn't respond to his actions they will perish so they stood there in shock of everyone dead with impossible Power at his disposal....The Galaxy started the Process of the Last Battle Kylo spoke to Luke, Is Rey gonna be ok? I don't know Kylo I sense much Darkness now inside her she's begun the Transformation, Meanwhile

AHHHH as Rey erupted with Red clouds surrounding her she saw Flashbacks, Rey why didn't you save me as Finn spoke, I'm sorry Finn as she cried... we have to stop Snoke, Finn come with me please there's a way you can survive come on! As he responded Rey it's too late I have them you go with Luke and Kylo to kill Snoke I'll deal with the last thirty Troopers, there's too many FINN PLEASE! Finn went to them and threw the Bomb he couldn't escape it he had died with the Troopers Rey fell down crying, NOOO Finn as she started Mumbling, she got up angry and went with them, The Battle came to a close as Rey was furious she then lunged at Snoke she Striked at him Snoke was weakened she Punctured the Saber onto Snoke's Neck she had killed him.

(Present) she fell to the Dark Side...

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