Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


15. The Epilogue

Rey and Ben dodged the Blaster shots as they lunged at the Droid,

They Deflected more shots as the Droid was tireless, Ben jumped backward's as the Droid ran towards him with a Implanted Blade The Droid became angry as they dodged his every move, Padme sat there with a Shot Shoulder as she mumbled in agony as she got up and got Luke's Saber in her hand she began walking and started running as she ran with the Saber in the air at the Droid she jumped and swung the Saber at the Droid's face as the Droid punched her into the Air she fell on the ground, Kun awoke as he saw the Droid getting ready to shoot Padme, he blocked the Blaster bolts from hurting her

This ends now Kun said, as he electrified his Saber and slashed at him the Droid lost his Arm as the Droid impaled him and threw him into the Water as he drowned, Ben and Rey attacked him with full force as the Droid lost his Arm making him vulnerable to attack's Ben slashed at him Rey leaped behind him attacking the Droid from Behind slashing his Back apart Rey went to disable the Circuits, Ben distracted him as Rey tried to Disable him, The Droid shot at him as Ben deflected tried to Deflect the Shots as he was shot in the chest as Rey yelled and slashed the Circuits she went on top of him and jammed her Saber in his Head she jumped forward cutting his Head open as she pushed the Droid into the Rocks she crushed the Droid into Pieces as Ben covered his Injury they go to HK as he wakes up again, The Droid is destroyed now you will too. As HK was armless Rey and Ben both slashed him destroying him as they finished the battle all the survivor's got up as Padme got up too, Padme went to hug Ben, I will always be with you Ben as she put her hand on his Face as she turned to Skeleton they all turned to Skeletons as they perished once more as the Battle ended the Galaxy is saved as Ben fell down unconscious with loss of blood, Rey saw Chewy with the Falcon as she Put Bens hand on her Back carrying him to the Falcon. Ben healed in time and then on restarted the Skywalker Legacy once more as he created a New Jedi Order, Rey became a Grand Master as she trained the Students, The Galaxy finally had Peace as the Jedi remained intact with the Galaxy no Darkness just Light., Ben stayed in touch with his Mother from the living force, Ben and Rey had also stayed in touch with his Uncle and Rey stayed in touch with her Father like figure.

Two Months Earlier

The Wreckage of the destroyed Droid's were taken by Rey as she scanned the Destroyed Bodies she noticed a Signal on one of the Droid's as she ignited her Light-Saber and plunged the Droid in the Head as the Droid finally shut down she took the bodies with her as Ben was still being healed she took the Droid's and ignited them on fire as she dropped them out of the ship, This is for the life's you took! As she insured that they were to never come back on


A New Generation had begun as Ben and Rey made sure that nothing will happen again no Purge no Sith, just Peace and Jedi.

This Story was made by me only.

I tried my Best to ensure that it made sense all Star Wars Material belongs to and only Disney and Lucasfilm I take no credit for the Characters of this Story nor the Planets I am glad to do this it was fun there might be some Flaw's but this is my first Story of Star Wars it may not be as long as A Novel or a Short Novel but still :D

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