Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


12. Prelude To Insanity

Ghost-Fire looked upon the Galaxy as his Plan was working and Ben fell to Darkness once more,

Seven Years Ago

Strado's tell me why are you here as the First Order Trooper interrogated him, I'm not afraid of you, as the Trooper was about to punch him, Strado's Gripped him and threw him into the Glass as he yelled, Strado's then Crushed his Body killing him, Strado's broke out of the chains and broke out of the Room, he ran as Trooper's began chasing him down, he Pushed them into the Depths below the Base as they fell to there Death opened the Door and saw More coming as he got tired of it he Electrocuted them all as they were shocked to death he finally pushed the Door opened and left the Base and destroying it with the Ship as he left, he searched for the Killer, he finally got his Location as he landed on Hoth and saw him, his Eyes turned Red as he dashed towards him and beat him with his Bare Fist's after he beat him to Death. he realized it was a Older Kid he backed away with his Blooded Fist's as he fell down to his Knee's and screamed, he got up and left Hoth to find him and end it of course he never did he became Stronger and Stronger as he finally became an Adult he trained himself to Fight and use the Force more controllably, as he was finally ready he got his Shirt on and then got a Black Cloak on as he finally got a Target on him, it was on Bespin, (Present) as Ghost walked away from the Glass of the Fleet he looked at Ben as he wore a Helmet that resembled Vader's and a Mandalorian's, he wore all black and his Eyes were neither Red or Yellow it was Black, as he was turned into more than a Agent of Evil he became a Apprentice to Ghost, he looked at the Galaxy once more, (Flashbacks) He went into Hyperspace so Angry so Vengeful, he landed on Bespin he leaped out of his Ship and saw him, he looked shocked as it appeared it were his Best Friend, Years Ago, you are a great Friend Vapor as he hugged him as his Friend tried to make him cheerful as he lost his Family, Vapor you gotta do better than that! As they Trained together and laughed, Vapor I will miss you as he left the Planet, Strado's fell down tightening his Hand's on his Hair as he struggled to handle it,

I will always be you're friend as he said to his Best Friend Alex smiling, Strado's backed away as Vapor saw him he looked back as he walked toward's him, Strado's shouted at him, YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU KILLED MY FAMILY. As he yelled, Vapor replied, We all change I didn't know I was making a Riot come after you're Family but if I did I wouldn't of, I don't believe you anymore Vapor we were Best Friends and you kept the Truth from me!, look i had to do it if I didn't my Family would have been killed too, so you just think it's a only Choice and you kill mine do you know how old I was DO YOU! I WAS 11!, as Vapor replied And i was 10 I was forced to do it, as Strado's ignited his Saber then I have no Choice, as he readied, Do what you got

too as he also ignited his Saber, as they both Clashed together, Vapor Memories, we will always help each other, as they fought as Strado's was filled with Emotion he jumped back and kicked Vapor in the Back knocking him down, we could've resolved this! Vapor said, I'll never forgive anyone who killed all I loved even my Best Friend!, as Vapor put his Head down, as he continued clashing Strado's, (Present) Ghost put his head down as he put his Hand on the Glass, are you ok Master?, ye-yes I am Ghost told Ben, (Flashbacks) I can't believe I loved you as a Friend Strado's told Vapor as they still Clashed. Vapor swung at him with his Saber as Strado's leaped upwards and kicked him in the Face he then force choked him and threw him into a Building as he gripped Vapor and threw him next to a Platform, I-I'm sorry Alex as he apologized all he could, I'm sorry too as he cried as he stabbed Vapor and threw him off the Platforms..he killed his Best Friend, as he yelled in Agony, he got into his Ship and left Bespin as he impaled his Best Friend, Months Later he created an army he put on a Helmet, as his Eyes permanently stayed Red, he then went to a Planet and brought Ghost with him later telling him the Killers still alive and driving him more Insane then he already was, then when the Symbiotic Life form finally took control Alex witnessed as his Body which his Soldiers think is still him killing innocent's around the Galaxy as he finally brought up enough Strength he tried to face him but he lost and was killed, (Present) Ghost put his other hand on the Glass, in complete regret when he killed Alex, Ghost said to himself "It's finally here the Battle has finally started as he sensed a Large Fleet of Relived Sith Jedi and others and still living one's Coming to stop him, he smiled as they were almost in Orbit of where they were,

Ghost put his Hands behind his Back and told Ben to get ready and told his Soldier's also, As he put his Helmet back on, HK-47 also prepared his completed Droid Army as they got all there Weapon's Ready and prepared HK prepared Ship's also as they got ready they left the Planet and went to kill the Life that spreads HK led his Army to destroy the Remaining Ships and destroy the new Faction Xevis spoke to HK, Master the Battle has begun, Good Xevis good, we destroy the last Planet's and claim this Galaxy our's once and for all.

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