Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


10. Funeral For A Friend

One Year Later..

Padme you are our best now we lost so many people Vos, Asajj, and others are dead while over 40 Planets have been eliminated, I know Captain but we are finally ready Asajj and Vos risked there life's to save us from being wiped had it not been them we all would have died, Luke is still in stasis, as Luke never awoke, we fear he may never come back the Dagger that was placed in his Chest was only for Killing The Mortis's Family, Padme walked off as Luke might never recover, as Padme prepares the Army as there fully trained they start the Battle, It's been a Year and we had to watch as they destroyed over 40 Planets Wiping out so many species and PEOPLE! Now we fight back in one attempt and I promise The Leader will have a Horrible Death for this! she yelled, Ben and Rey said there goodbyes just in case anything happens, Revan still emotional joins the Army as well as Rey, Ben remained as a Last Call to stop them, Four Months Ago..


Strado's you cannot escape I had already killed over Billions of People and Species, as Strado's was furious he tightened his fists while pulling the chains, Strado's I am close of having no use for you, I'd be careful I can easily wipe your Soul from existence!, I'm not afraid of you, you made me a Pawn of your own Plans! But I won't give up as he broke free of the Chain's and ignited his Saber he lunged at the Symbiotic Figure as he gripped Strado's and got his Neck, So you want to die as he scratched his Neck and threw him, he bled as he tried to get back up, he dashed toward's him with all his Strength, YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH! As he yelled trying to kill the Figure, then

He grabbed Strado's once more and showed his true self... It was a Skelton Figure with no Skin, as Pure Red came out of him, I am similar to Sith but there philosophy's are worthless I'll destroy the Galaxy once and for all and you make a great host but now it's time I kill you. As he took his Glove's off and finally touched him have a great time in Hell Alex,

as he laughed as the Soul of Body of the real Strado's or Alex was screaming in agony, he took away his Skin turning him into like him as Alex had lost his Body as it was turned to dust he grabbed the Skull of Alex, now he's truly gone as he shattered the Skull with his hand,


Padme and Boba talked before the Night of The Battle, Padme I want you too know if anything happens to you I will not be able to live with myself, Boba it's ok, no I'm going with you, you need some extra Firepower I can help, ok Boba but don't do something that'll get you killed, I won't as they hugged each other,


Strado's, don't call me that name anymore call me..GhostFire.. As the Captain looked surprised he replied ok GhostFire, there are only a Hundred Planet's Left, good I have the Power to destroy them, what!? That'll take Year's as. Ghost touched him and turned him to Dust as his Face turned to Bone he fell and broke, as everyone saw what he had done they looked in utter Fear of him, anyone else want to ask Question's when I speak?


Luke you stopped Abeloth, as voices spoke, I-i as he was losing himself, after so many Months of trying to recover it cost him his sanity, as he was losing his will to live, you-you saved usss, as a Alarm went off Padme ran as fast as she could, NO! As the Life Sign Meter showed his Heart Rate not responding, as Luke had a Seizure like reaction Padme screamed for help as Boba Ben Rey and Chewy came to see what was happening there look's of Shock Ben and Rey ran to Padme, we're Losing Him!

As Luke had stopped moving and the Wiring attached to his chest hasn't responded his Heart is giving up as Chewy yelled in anger,

Rey began crying as Padme tried to get his heart back up she pushed on his Chest, as it still didn't respond, NOOO as she mumbled, Ben put his head down in despair,

as Medical Assists came to help they also tried, Four Hour's Later, as they tried everything they could...Luke had died.... They told them as Chewy ran out raged destroying everything in his way, while Rey cried in Ben's Arms and Padme backing away and screaming as she fell down too her Knee's Boba stood there feeling helpless,

One Day Later..

The Funeral has started on One of few Planet's to be intact and probably never destroyed anytime soon, Coruscant as they began there Funeral Padme Ben and Rey were wearing black clothing and it was raining, as Luke was brought out with a Special Symbol on the Coffin showing a Jedi's Symbol, Ben had talked about Luke, Luke was a Great Uncle he was a Great Jedi..he never gave up never lost hope I couldn't ask for a better Uncle Luke wa-was my only family I had all I have now is Chewy and Padme as he walked away with tears coming out, Rey spoke about Luke, Luke was my Mentor, my Father-figure he trained me taught me and even acted like my Father as she was crying while talking, I wish he were still here as she cried, Padme spoke, Luke was my son I never knew him but I knew for one I loved him, I wish I had been alive during his Childhood his life, I'm glad I got the chance to know him as much as he did me i now have no one but my Grandson, as she also teared while leaving as others spoke of his actions the Funeral was finished, Padme spoke to the Captain, is the army ready?, Yes Amidala, good it's time to end this once and for all as everyone including Rey and Ben left too find the Army, Chewy had told them he needed to stay on Coruscant as he couldn't handle the Death's anymore, They went into Hyperspace and found the Large scale one man Fleet and the Weapon Padme was furious and she wanted vengeance for everything they've done.

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