Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


13. Final Battle Part One

Padme and Boba went full offensive against the Fleet's and The Weapon, as Rey was hesitant to save Ben again she saw the remaining Sith and Jedi She saw a Jedi she was...Meetra Surik she saw she had lost someone she came to her and hugged her, what's wrong?, I heard At-Atton had died when he went along with Asajj and Vos I didn't know until now as she cried, Rey eventually Calmed her down, We'll stop them I promise as she told Surik, Rey walked to the Hanger grabbed her Saber and got ready, Xevis prepare to destroy the Fleet from attacking the Gray Empire, Ghost put on his Suit and Helmet and prepared to Assault the Target with his Ability's he got into a Ship as he told his Army to defend the Fleet and his Weapon, he went into Stealth Mode and landed on the Fleet where Padme and Boba are in, he jumped out and cut his way through the Fleet he broke in and saw Meetra and the others, Rey heard and ran to help, This is the Army? How pathetic as he lunged at Surik as she quickly ignited her Saber to defend herself Rey also lunged at him with Full Force, he blocked both there Blow's as he leaped in the Air and force gripped Surik and put his Saber in front of her, as Rey saw in horror as she was decapitated, NOO! As Rey gripped Ghost and threw him down she kicked him on the Face and hit him with her Hilt he then Pushed her into a Wall as he walked towards her and hit her with his Hilt knocking her Unconscious, Ben will take care of you as Boba came at him he Cornered him and took Surik's Saber as he told Padme to go into the Main Fleet Padme gathered everyone into a Big Ship Boba fought him with full strength, Rey got up, Go Rey Go! As Rey shook her head and hit Ghost with her Saber he was knocked out, as they escaped Rey gripped Boba as they left the Fleet in time, there Fleet headed towards the Main one as they collided against each other Ghost was supposedly dead, as Ben previously left the Ship to aid Ghost he got there late as he began losing his Dark Side self as Ghost wasn't controlling him no longer, he went back to his Old-Self. HK-47 saw he was late as the Main Fleet finally got hit as all the Officers had been blown and killed, Ghost awoke in the Atmosphere of the Debris of the two Fleet's he closed his Eyes as he had been frozen by the Galaxy's Coldness, Ben then was controlled once more as he went to get Ghost in his Ship, Padme looked at the Aftermath of the easy victory she knew it wasn't over as everyone hadn't returned to there Grave's, she saw no body of Ghost she was frustrated. The Weapon before Ghost left was set to Destroy the last 20 Planet's that's left once destroyed the Galaxy will have no Planet's and the Galaxy will then be broken into a Darkness that could never be unbroken, Padme was more worried about the Weapon, Only one Person can deactivate it and it's Revan, Padme looked at Revan, can you deactivate that Weapon?, Yes but for that i have to.. You don't have too there's probably another way as Revan put his Hand on Padme's Shoulder's, I know what I have to do I won't let the last of the Planet's get blown up as Revan said his Goodbye's Boba and the others he prepared to deactivate it as they had only Two Hours Left..

As Ghost told Ben to go into the Droid Fleet as that is there only Army, HK walked to the Hanger and saw Ghost walking as he was finally healed by his sheer force of Power, Ben stayed there as Ghost left his Ship he saw HK and walked to him


Rey encountered another Vision...

A Dark Cloud arose across the Galaxy as the last Planet's were wiped from existence, Ben was killed and Padme was laying on the Ground with Blood coming out of her Mouth as she saw them dead Boba was also impaled by an unknown Weapon as instead of Ghost it was a Droid Fleet as the Droid's surrounding her shot the remaining survivors in the Head as they all Died, they came towards Rey and as soon as the shot came the Vision ended, Rey awoke panting she got out of the Chair and ran towards where Padme was prepping for finding Ghost and ending his Life once and for all. PADME! As Rey yelled, What!?, Ghost isn't our problem anymore it's a Droid Army there weaponizing there Fleet with enough Power to vaporize the remaining Planet's Padme concerned of what she had heard, she went to tell Revan to go back but it was too late he already entered the Weapon, as he knew Rakata Technology he went in without a Problem, Padme put her head down and slammed her fist on the wall angry, then we come up with another-, there isn't time Padme there already heading towards us the only way we defeat them is that we use there Technology against them our Weapons can't hit a Shielded Fleet like there's it's like they have ancient Weapon's that could do these things as Rey put her hand on her Face in Stress, Padme went too her Room as she told Rey to come with her, Rey I kept this for awhile now in hopes of not having to use it I have no choice as she opened a Chest that contained Luke's Saber, I had too keep it safe but now that he's gone and this Battle is getting bigger than all of us it's time I use it I trust you Rey don't tell Ben, as she ignited the Saber, you have no experience with it Padme, I know but I'll have to learn it in Battle as there's no time. She walked away as Rey stood there, Revan entered the Generator of the Weapon as he saw something a Sun like Firepower orbiting around the Weapon as Revan backed away he had to self destruct it, he saw that it was made for Revan back in the Old Republic when he was a Sith he exhaled as he saw nothing to make it self destruct there is only one way.. Use the force to hold the Sun like Power and make it explode into itself therefore destroying the entire Weapon, HK how's the Plan going as Ghost walked to him, good Master, Good we have to fight them once and for all now there weakened, as HK-47 nodded, Padme waited for them to come then she saw the Weapon about to Explode itself Padme quickly maneuvered the Fleet away from the Weapom as they went 6.4 Miles away from it, Revan used all his Strength to destroy it he yelled in agony as it was close to exploding, HK grabbed something from his Back as Ghost spoke to him, HK prepare you're Soldiers to attack them as HK slowly took the Object away from his Back, Padme panted as she finally got it away as she looked at the Weapon Rey also looked, as it was exploding, As Ben watched them talk he noticed something odd as he was about to Speak, I love you Bastila he died as the Explosion widened and exploded Revan perished, HK stabbed Ghost in the Heart as Ghost was betrayed by HK, There's only one Army as the Object revealed as a Ancient Blade instead of a Saber it bled as Ghost couldn't speak as HK took off the Helmet he shot him in the Face blowing off his Skull as Ben watched horrified as he went back to his normal self he was no longer in control, HK killed the Symbiotic Spirit as it could be killed unlike Regular Sprits that couldn't be destroyed he perished as HK's Blade perished his Body Strado's Body disappeared, Ben quickly ran and left as he was horrified. HK took the Head of the Skull, NOW WE ARE THE ARMY as he broke the Last of the Skull into pieces everyone agreed to him, as HK's Plan was revealed, I had rerouted his so called Order and now I have officially declare we destroy the last Planets and leave only one so we could live on and the Life will Perish, as HK took his Blade up in the Air, Padme saw a Ship approaching she saw a Person but was hesitant to shoot at him, Rey sensed the Ship, BEN!?.

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