Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


9. Darkness

She had felt the Darkness Flowing through her, she had taken the Form of Deceased Commander...Leia as she left where she had died on her planet

As the Army had formed into the now "The Fallen" Faction they decided to ready even more on Kamino as Rey stated that even with Help they'll still lose, the Sith and Jedi on the Fleet had exited and started reforming there Power,

As Boba looked at all the Ancient Sith Lords just exiting just like that he walked off doing more Combat Training, As they all went to do Training to regain there former Power they released a Darkness across the Galaxy making Abeloth even more Powerful she smiled with so much Power at her disposal

Luke talked with his Mother while She started having the Memories of the Body she formed into she realized a Descendant was still Alive, she began searching for him and kill him taking his Form so she'll trick the Galaxy into falling into Darkness and Destruction she sowed to the Planets searching...

Luke where's Kylo? As she asked, he's walking, is he ok?, yes just struggling with everything that has happened Luke replied, Ok well I am gonna see Boba as she left, Luke then heard something land he quickly got out to check who it was, he saw Leia as he gazed upon her shocked and compelled to believe it, as Abeloth made sure he voice was Leia's she walked to him tricking them, as Luke couldn't sense anything as it were too real he hugged her and said Ho-how is it possible?, I heard of a Beam coming through I escaped in time as Leia said, Padme walked out to see where Luke was she said who is she?, Leia she's alive! He said, Daughter? As Abeloth was unaware of another descendant she kept her face intact with Luke's as Padme put her hand on her mouth shocked about her being alive, I will be going in as Leia said, ok as both Luke and Padme said, Boba saw Leia and saw her eyes turn, he gazed at her, as she smiled at Luke and Padme, Kylo walked in the rain gazing at the Dark Sky thinking about his past, the Sky turned into The Past he saw him as a Child with his Parent's hugging him and loving him, then it was him leaving to become a Jedi, he saw himself as he trained and laughed with his younger Uncle, he saw the Training's and friends he made, then him turning to Snoke, becoming evil killing his Friend's What made him who he was, he saw as he faded as he was never who he was, then him killing his Father in cold blood, Kylo looked in despair, he then saw Rey finally convincing him to turn back, as his Darkness faded away, as the Memory's went away, Kylo heard a Voice, Ben, Ben, it was his Mother's

As he replied Mom?, Ben I might not be a Ghost but I can communicate with you listen you're Father can't communicate but I can tell you what he said, Son I know you're beating yourself up but don't what you did wasn't you it was Snoke taking you away from us, don't blame yourself Ben you are destined to be a Jedi I might not be here to see it but I know you are gonna save the Galaxy, Snoke is dead with that you're Safe, as she said it with his Word's as Kylo struggled to not Cry, Kylo there's something else someone is taking my Body it's very dark I can't tell who it is but if you see my body it's not me but be aware, and Ben...we love you, as Kylo opened his Eye's and went back to the Cloning Facility to warn them. As They trained Revan and Bastila dueled once more after Thousands of Years ago they finally duel as Revan tightened his grip on his Saber he dueled his Wife, Revan you are still the Man I knew on Taris as they continued, so are Shan, as they both smiled, and dueled. Nihlius used his ability's to destroy the Targets and cut through Metal Objects to regain his Power, as they fought, Asajj had just started as she saw a Familiar Figure appear it was Quinlan Vos, Quinlan! You died!?, yes it was 2 Years after Order 66 when I was hunted by Vader, I was doing good until he stroked with his Saber caught me off Guard he threw a Rail on me and he came to me and stabbed me in the Neck killing me, as she opened her mouth a bit that was brutal, But I'm back with you as he walked to her and kissed her.

As Leia fooled Luke Padme and a few others Boba knew she wasn't right and Kylo knew the truth, Leia sat on a Chair in a Room, studying how her Plan would work, Kylo got in and looked for Luke, LUKE!, What? I got some great new's about you're-, call me Ben for now on, That Leia isn't really her!, What do you mean!, she is a it it's not her she's dead!, Ben it's not true she is alive!, as Ben rolled his eyes of how blinded he was he left and slammed the door, he went to find the only person who trust's him Rey, As Revan and Bastila finished there Duel they panted you're still Really good at Dueling Re-Revan, you're still good too as he smirked, Revan and Bastila walked out of the Training Room, Bastila turned to the Studying room, she saw Leia and overheard her speaking of her Plan, What are you saying?, as she turned her head to Bastila's


Rey!, Rey!, as Ben shouted, What is it Ky-, it's Ben, ok Ben?, Luke think's Leia is alive and she's here! He doesn't believe me!, ok Ben what makes you think so?, Leia contacted me through the force and sensed someone using her Body, as Rey wanted to say he's crazy, she somehow believed him, she replied Ok come on,

As Abeloth showed her True Form to Bastila, she looked terrified of the Monstrous Appearence, she scratched Shan in the Chest and Grabbed her by the neck and threw her into the Wall very strongly, she fainted as Abeloth finished her by taking her Saber and Stabbing her in the Chest killing her. As she left before anyone ran to the Noise, Revan ran to see what happened as she saw Bastila's Dead Body, No no no no BASTILA!!!! As he yelled in Anger, Ben Boba and Rey ran to see the scream, what Happened!? Ben spoke, Sh- she's he put his Head down, Boba spoke who did this?, I don't know I heard the Noise and saw her dead! The Scratch's on her Chest was deep and the Light-Saber cut came from her's, do you think someone made it look like she did it?, that's possible Revan replied but without her I'm dead inside as he got up and walked away tightening his Fist, as Rey looked at him as he walked away, Ben Boba and Rey left the room in despair as Revan lost himself fully without his Wife, Ben knew who it was whether his Uncle doesn't believe him or not.

Ben told Boba everything as he believed him all three of them went to find her, Leia walked with a Smile as she finally killed someone it felt good for her the Lust, the Power, she heard Footsteps, she quickly changed back and left before they saw her, Revan walked to his Room and out on his Helmet as when he was with Shan he said he'd never don it once more but now...he did

I swore Bastila I would protect you I was foolish and that cost you you're Life, as he Looked up at the Rain and gave a Faint look, Abeloth still craving for death looks for another way of darkening the Galaxy she goes to the Sky, Luke studied Strado's Whereabout's as he finished he went to find Leia as Boba Ben and Rey heard a loud clambering sound, they ran towards it and looked at the Sky and saw blackness surrounding the Deepened Sky, Luke Padme and Revan also head out when the sound became louder, as the Disturbing Look of Abeloth. looked upon Luke with smiling as Luke realized what had happened everything became Clear the Blindness he was in he put his hand on his Head and fell as Padme checked if he was ok she said, What's Wrong?, Le-Leia isn't here that was her a Being that could form into anyone and I believed it, as Padme looked on the Ground with her mouth open, Ableoth release's Revan and Luke off the Ground and had finally Spoken in her real form, Haha Finally I got to kill more!, as Padme yell's in Anger Boba try's to save her Son from Abeloth he put on his Helmet and got up with his Jetpack as he punched her only to go through her she then grabbed him by his Neck and threw him down on the Platform almost breaking his back Boba struggles to get up as he became Furious he uses a Thermal Detonator and threw it at her while she tried to stop it he then Flew back up to get Luke out and Revan while he freed Luke Boba was captured by Boba as she left Kamino with Boba and Revan, NO! As Padme yelled with Boba being Taken by Abeloth, Luke got up and got Asajj, Rey, Ben, Nihilus, Padme went along as well, as they went into the Falcon they went too trace her Signal, to save Boba and Revan, they landed on the Planet Mortis, as they saw Darkness spreading everywhere in the Galaxy, Luke was furious with himself for being so careless. As he walked with the others he saw a Disturbed Laugh, they saw Abeloth once more, Get closer and there Necks will be cut!, she then said, as Luke remembered in his Studies Abeloth was killed by a Dagger used by the Father, he then told his Group of a Dagger while Padme agreed to get it, she ran to find it

Luke Ben Rey Asajj and Nihilus fought off her, The Darkness was getting worse as the Galaxy started to become Darker, Padme hurried and looked for the possible place Anakin's Ghost appeared, Padme the Dagger is a few miles away where me and Kenobi once were, as Padme nodded and ran towards it she looked at the Skelton of the late Father, and Son as they must've tried to reform after the Deceased returned as there old self's it must've not of worked for them most likely they did live and she took the life out of them once more, she took the Dagger as it was hidden below Fathers Skull, as to hide it from her, she got up and ran back to Luke and them Panting,

YOU CANNOT STOP ME! She shouted as her voice screeched Luke Rey's Asajj and Ben's Ears though Nihilus was more immune to it than they were he charged at her electrifying his Saber as he swung it she looked and put her hand out with her Claws stream bring Nihilus was stabbed in the chest with her Claws he then looked at her, and distracted her as his last moments were distinctive, he quickly Turned on the Saber and swung it at her face quickly as it was permanently scratched she then twisted his Head killing him quicker, as she threw him down Luke Rey Asajj and Ben saw they watched in horror as the once powerful Sith was killed by a Powerful Being, Padme got there on time and gave Luke the Dagger, he took it and told her he had to do it, as he ran and saw Nihilus's Dead Body he charged at her surprising her and before she could kill him she landed one blow to his neck Revan and Boba escaped as she screamed she spoke one last time it-its not over yet as she took her Dagger out and took it to Luke's Chest as she smiled with blood coming out he fell down, Padme ran to him as she saw blood coming out, SOMEONE HELP as she was crying, Revan sustained a serious Injury with Abeloth Boba lost was blinded on his Left Eye, Rey and Ben were also crying about Luke, as Asajj stood there motionless. Luke was taken on the Falcon with Chewy angry he howled in Pain "Raaawwwrr!!" Abeloth Was laying down with blood coming out she then died moments later as her Body faded away into Dust, the Galaxy turned back to normal, Padme spoke Whoever this Being is he or it has to be destroyed this Battle is getting bigger than all of us it might not of been the Gray Empire but it will this has to end one way or another, as everyone agreed, Luke was in a Bacta Tank with very few Life Signs indicating his Recovering will return...or if he will even survive

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