Lucky Day

Ashton was celebrating his 21st birthday like any other 21 year old boy, partying with his friends and not caring about anything.

But little did they know there was a little girl celebrating her 11th birthday on the same day. She was celebrating by hiding from her foster father, Nick.

Michael finally comes out and tells he knew some kids when he was younger.

The day after Ashton's birthday, Mikey mentions the little girl. The boys loved the idea about fostering her and said 'yes'. But all Mikey wanted to do was get close to her again and break her again.

Will he be able to when he figures out what she's turned into? Can Ashton stop her from being broken again? Is there any possible way after what Mikey's done? Will they finally end her pain and sorrow?



6. Chapter 6 | Staying With Michael

"Lexi!" Ashton yelled. She came downstairs and looked at all of them.

"Y-yeah," she said a little scared.

"We need to talk to you," Calum said.

"Okay?" Lexi said confused as she sat across from them.

"Why won't you eat?" Ashton asked her.

"Why would you ask me something like that?" Ashton gave Lexi a look.

"Lexi we know you didn't eat a lot at your last home," Calum said. Lexi stood up.

"How do you guys know what happened there?" She sounded worried.

"Lexi, we know things about you," Michael said.

"Of course you do was part of my past!" Lexi said, almost yelling.

"Calm down," Luke said, she sat back down.

"We have some stuff to talk about," Ashton said.

"Look guys it's really nice and all but I'm good." She got up but Michael grabbed her wrist.

"Talk to us, please," Michael said.

"You're not my family why would you care about me." She wiggled her wrist free and ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

She sat in the floor and let the tears flow. She cried for about 5 minutes then somebody knocked on the door.

"Lexi?" Mikey said. She sniffled and wiped the tears off.

"G-g away," she said, with a sniffle.

"Just talk to us please."


"Why not?"

"You don't really care. You're probably doing this to be nice."

"No we're not. And if you don't open this door I'll knock it down." She didn't say anything.

Michael did the butter knife trick and opened the door, to see a sobbing Lexi. "Stop making yourself feel this way," he said, sitting beside her. "You are a wonderful person and not unwanted. Your mum just couldn't see that."

"Know one sees that in me," she cried. He put his arm around her.

"Don't listen to what people say about you. We would still love you the same." He kissed her forehead. She got up and went to Luke's room.

"She's getting attached" Calum said.

"Yeah, we're not sending her back. I know how she lived, it was horrible. I'm gonna taking her." He said getting out of the floor.

"How are you going to do that?"

"I don't know yet but I'll figure something out." He went into his room. He knew he couldn't take care of a kid and do the band. But he would figure it out someway. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

"Mikey," someone whispered trying to wake him up, Michael just rolled over.

"Go away," he said putting his hand in the air.

"Wake up," they said again shaking him. He rubbed his eyes, and sat up. He looked at Lexi.

"What is it?"

"I can't sleep."

"Go sleep with Ash." He started to lay back down.

"I was but he left." He raised up.

"Where did he go?"

"I don't know he didn't tell me but Cal and Luke went with him." He raised up and grabbed his phone and texted Luke:

Mikey: Where r u

Luke: We went out

Mikey: And left Lexi

Luke: She was asleep

Mikey: Well now she wants to come lay down with me

Luke:Where is she right now

Mikey: In my floor watching tv

Luke: Let her in the bed and cuddle with her it makes her happy

Mikey: And too attached to us

Luke: Just save the happy times will have with her because when she gets older we can't do stuff like that

Mikey: We're not keeping her

Luke: Yes we r

"Lexi." She looked up from the tv. "Come here." She climbed in the bed and layed in front of him.

He took his arm and put it around her to get her closer. She turned around and put her face in his chest. Michael's heart started pounding so hard. He loved the feeling that she gave him. He never wanted them to stop cuddling. They fell asleep for a little bit.

---Ashton, Calum, and Luke's Situation---

Ashton, Calum, and Luke were partying like crazy. Calum was making out with a girl. While Ashton was dancing like crazy. Luke had girls all over him.

"What's your name?" Calum said to the girl.

"Madison, what's yours?"

"Calum, where do you live?"

"With my mum."

"Want to come to my place?"

"Sure why not." Calum told Luke they were leaving and walked home. When they got home Calum walked in to see a drawing on the kitchen table. It was a picture from Google he told Lexi he liked. |A/N picture at top/side| "Who drew that?" Madison asked taking it from him.

"I think the little girl."

"Wait you have kids?"

"No, well we are fostering a little girl right now."

"That's so cute, what's her name?"


"Aw, how old is she?"


"Where is she?" Calum looked on the couch to see if she was in there.

"I think she's asleep. Let's go check on her." They walked upstairs and went to Ashton's room. She wasn't in there so they checked all the other ones. When they went to Michael's they saw them cuddling, asleep.

"She's adorable."

"Yeah she likes it when somebody cuddles with her." He went and kissed her head. Him and Maddie went to his room and talked. About almost everything and anything. Ashton came home drunk, so Maddie left before they got there.

"Ashton go lay on the couch." Luke said helping him inside.

"Shhh. Lexi's asleep," Calum said running downstairs.

"He got really drunk," Luke said. Ashton layed on the couch.

"Yeah he's going to have a bad hangover tomorrow," Calum said.

"I feel bad for him." Luke went and checked on Lexi and couldn't help but take a picture. It was so cute.

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