Lucky Day

Ashton was celebrating his 21st birthday like any other 21 year old boy, partying with his friends and not caring about anything.

But little did they know there was a little girl celebrating her 11th birthday on the same day. She was celebrating by hiding from her foster father, Nick.

Michael finally comes out and tells he knew some kids when he was younger.

The day after Ashton's birthday, Mikey mentions the little girl. The boys loved the idea about fostering her and said 'yes'. But all Mikey wanted to do was get close to her again and break her again.

Will he be able to when he figures out what she's turned into? Can Ashton stop her from being broken again? Is there any possible way after what Mikey's done? Will they finally end her pain and sorrow?



20. Chapter 20 | Interview

The boys had to go to a hotel for a show but Lexi got to go. It was about 5 o'clock in the morning when they had to leave. Ashton made Lexi pack some clothes the night before, since he knew it'd be a pain to get her to wake up.

"Luke will you go wake up Lexi?" Ashton asked Luke.

Luke walked upstairs to Lexi's room. He walked in to see her peacefully asleep, curled in a ball and her thumb in her mouth, just a little bit. He took a quick picture then shook her a little. She whined.

"Lexi love I know you're tired, but please get up for me. I'm really tired too," Luke said trying to reason with her. She stood up and changed her clothes in the closet and quickly fixed her hair, laying back down once she was done. "No, you have to get up," Luke said.

"It's too early," she whined. He picked her up and carried her downstairs.

Ashton looked at Luke and smiled. "Good morning love," he said kissing her head.

"I'm tired," she whined. Mikey got her a blanket and wrapped it around her. The boys always made her carry a bag with her clothes and that kind of stuff, and a little bag with her sketch book and stuff to do when they're doing a show or something like that.

"Okay guys the van is here," Ashton said. Luke carried Lexi to the van.

"Ashton I'm cold," Lexi whined as Luke buckled her up.

"I can't control the weather Lexi," he said, a little harsh. She just whined and cuddled into his side 

She slept for the whole ride. When they got to the airport, it was Lexi's dream, only a few fans were outside. There was paparazzi though.

They went on the plane, which was a 3 hour ride. Lexi slept for about 30 minutes of it. Ashton just started to fall asleep when, Lexi climbed in his lap. "Ashton," she whispered.

"Yes baby girl," he said tiredly.

"How long is the ride?"

"Around 3 hours." She layed in his lap and they went to sleep like that. The boys fixed their hair on the plane and just some clothes.

When the plane landed, Ashton carried Lexi. They went to a big stadium type of thing. They'd never took Lexi to a show so this was a really big deal for her. There were a lot of people. She would be on tv with them. She had to turn around when the boys changed. She wondered if they ever did change since they took so long.

"Ashton,"she whined. He was the only one out of the boys that had clothes on.

"Yes Lexi," he said, a little frustrated.

"I need to use the bathroom." All the boys looked at each other.

"Oh um....."

"Take her to our dressing room bathroom," Luke said. He showed her where it was.

When they got a break from the interview thing, they had time to chill. The boys played around the room.

A woman tried to put blush on Lexi for the tv but she wasn't having it. She wiped it off with her hands.

"Come on love, you have to put some on," the woman said. Ashton saw what was going on and walked over to them, he crouched down to Lexi.

"Hey Lexi come on, you have to," he said.

"Why?" She questioned.

"Because, you're going to be on tv." She smiled. "They're going to fix you hair and put makeup on you."

"I don't want to wear make up."

"They make us wear blush too." She smiled. She let them do it after that.

The woman started fixing her hair, having her bangs down. They reached her black ripped skinny jeans, and they let her pick out her shirt. 

She went to the bathroom to change. She walked out. Ashton walked to her and picked her up. "Well hello there beautiful," he smiles, kissing her forehead.

"I feel like one of those pop singers," she said, a little aggravated. He chuckled. 

They walked on the stage, Ash still carrying Lexi. She looked in the crowd, a person she knew was there. Her twin brother Justin. She tugged on Ashton's jacket. He was talking to some fans.

"Yes Lexi," he said. She looked in the crowd.

"My brother is with a boy," she said. Ashton looked in the crowd. He took her away from all of the people. Calum followed them.

"What's wrong?" He asked Ashton.

"Her brother is in the crowd," Ashton said. Calum looked at her.

"Can I talk to him?" She asked them. They looked at each other.

"I don't know love," Ashton said.

"Please, we haven't seen each other in years." He  hesitated before nodding. She ran out of the room.

----Justin's Situation---

"When was the last time you even saw your sister?" His big brother Brandon said.

"Like a few years ago," Justin replied.

"Are you sure it's her?" His other brother Brad asked.

"Yes, I can tell her from anybody." They walked in the stadium. He saw Lexi around Ashton, holding his hand. "That's her." She looked at him for a second then tugged on Ashton's shirt. She left with him.

---Back to 5SOS---

Justin ran up and hugged her. "Alexxs it's you! It's really you!" He said. She hugged him back.

"I missed you so much!" She said. He kissed her cheek.

Lexi explained everything to Ashton. They heard the anouncement that the interview was getting ready to start.

They had a little after party afterwards with some fans. Lexi held on to Ashton the whole time.

Once they got in the van, Lexi was almost asleep. The driver drove to a hotel. Mikey was the one to carry Lexi inside.

"Who do you want to sleep with?" Luke asked her.

"Mikey," she said nuzzling her face in the crook of his neck. Mikey layed in the bed with her. Lexi was instantly asleep.

All the boys were watching tv and on their phones. They all went to sleep about an hour later.

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