Lucky Day

Ashton was celebrating his 21st birthday like any other 21 year old boy, partying with his friends and not caring about anything.

But little did they know there was a little girl celebrating her 11th birthday on the same day. She was celebrating by hiding from her foster father, Nick.

Michael finally comes out and tells he knew some kids when he was younger.

The day after Ashton's birthday, Mikey mentions the little girl. The boys loved the idea about fostering her and said 'yes'. But all Mikey wanted to do was get close to her again and break her again.

Will he be able to when he figures out what she's turned into? Can Ashton stop her from being broken again? Is there any possible way after what Mikey's done? Will they finally end her pain and sorrow?



18. Chapter 18 | Ashton is.....

"Ashton!" Lexi screamed, tears streaming down her face. Ashton still wasn't home. All the other boys ran in.

"Lexi," Luke said going to her bed. She pulled up her sleeves to look at her scars. "Love what's wrong?"

"W-where's Ash?" She stuttered.

"He went out," Luke said.

Mikey went in the hallway trying to get contact him. Luke put Lexi in his lap. He tried comforting her, failing almost instantly. "I-I want Ash," she said, or more like sobbed. Luke covered her up and layed down with her, seeing if that would work. "I-I want Ash." Mikey finally got him.

"Aleigha said that he's at her house," Mikey whispered to Calum.

"Tell him Lexi wants him," Calum said.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," Mikey said nervously.

"Why not?"

"Because he's drunk."

They looked at each other. Luke walked in with Lexi in his arms. "She wants to cuddle with Ashton," Luke whispered. Calum looked at her.

"Love you want to cuddle with me?" Calum asked her bShe shook her head and wrapped her arms around Luke's neck. Mikey took her to his room. He got her back to sleep. Once he did, he went downstairs to the living room. He grabbed his shoes and keys.

"Where you going?" Luke asked him.

"I'm going to get Ashton," he said slippinng, is shoes on. Luke stood up.

The 2 of them went to Aleigha's. They ran inside. Aleigha wasn't there. Luke and Mikey looked at each other. "Ashton!" Mikey yelled.

They heard a thump from the bathroom. Mikey and Luke went to the bathroom. They saw Ashton with a razor blade to his wrists. He looked at them. He wasn't drunk, he was completely sober. Tears were streaming down his face.

"Hey Ash, put the razor blade down," Mikey said, slowly walking to him. He put it closer to his wrists.

"Ash do you really want to kill yourself?" Luke said. He cut his wrist, a little cut. "Ashton we love you too much for you to do this. There's a little girl waiting at home for you. Put the blade down and come here to me and Mikey." Ashton didn't listen to him, he cut his wrist more.

"Ashton?" They heard a little girl, Lexi was standing behind them. They all looked at the door. Calum and Lexi were standing there. Ash cut his wrist again. Lexi walked to him slowly. She grabbed the razor blade and put it on the the sink, hugging him afterwards. He stood there for a second. He picked her up, tears were still streaming down his face. "I love you," she whispered in his ear, causing him to smile.

"I love you too Alexxs," he said. She jumped down. She got the first aid kit and cleaned his cuts. He hissed when she put medicine on them. She wrapped it in a wrap.

Ashton carried her to his car. He put her in the passenger seat. They pulled out of Aleigha's apartment.

"A-Ashton?" She looked at him.

"Yeah Lexi," he said.

"Why did you try to kill yourself?" He glanced at her.

"I-I haven't been feeling myself lately." She sniffled.

"W-why not?"

"Just the band and stuff."

"There's something else."

"Lexi I'm not going to tell you."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want you to know."

"B-but you tell me to tell you if I don't feel right. I want you to tell me." She started to cry.

"Hey," he put his hand on her hair. "Don't cry."

"I-I feel like this is my fault."

"It's not your fault."

"I-I saw the twitter stuff." She looked at him. "I-I'll go back to the home." She was now sobbing. "I-I won't bother you anymore. I-I'll-" Ashton stopped her.

"I'd rather die than be without you." She layed on her side and layed her head on the middle console. He played with her hair.


"Yes baby girl."

"Do you want to adopt me?" He looked at her and pulled in the driveway. She ran inside, Ashton slowly coming in. He went to his room.

When he passed Lexi's room, he heard her little giggle. "Ashton I know you're at the door," she said. He opened the door.

"What's up with all the giggling?" He asked. He looked on the laptop screen.

"Hello Mr. Irwin," Cody said waving.

"Hello Cody," Ashton said, trying to hold in the hate he has for the young boy. Lexi pointed to the door. He walked out of the room.

All the other boys started running upstairs. "Lexi!" They all yelled. She quickly hung up the Skype call with Cody when they barged in her room.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Do you want to go to the store with me?" Calum asked her.

"Not really."

"C'mon you never go in public with us," Luke said.

"If I can go to Starbucks," she said. Calum nodded.

She threw her converse on and grabbed her jacket. She went to Starbucks with 3 of the boys. Luke took her in, she got her iced coffee and went back to the car.

"Why do you like Starbucks so much?" Mikey asked her. She shrugged, not really paying attention to the conversation.

"It makes her feel better when she's on her period.l," Luke joked.

"Luke!" Lexi yelled. Her voice went really high pitched.

"It's true, whenever Kari is on her period, I just buy her starbucks and chocolate and she's good."

"Lexi hasn't started hers yet," Calum said.

"You don't have to remind him!" Lexi said.

The rest of the day was spent with the boys playing with Lexi, and of course messing around with her.

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