Lucky Day

Ashton was celebrating his 21st birthday like any other 21 year old boy, partying with his friends and not caring about anything.

But little did they know there was a little girl celebrating her 11th birthday on the same day. She was celebrating by hiding from her foster father, Nick.

Michael finally comes out and tells he knew some kids when he was younger.

The day after Ashton's birthday, Mikey mentions the little girl. The boys loved the idea about fostering her and said 'yes'. But all Mikey wanted to do was get close to her again and break her again.

Will he be able to when he figures out what she's turned into? Can Ashton stop her from being broken again? Is there any possible way after what Mikey's done? Will they finally end her pain and sorrow?



10. Chapter 10 | Mikey and Ashton's fight

"Mikey just stop!" Ashton yelled pushing him back. Ashton found drugs under his bed.

"They wasn't mine!" He said trying to grab them back. Luke and Calum took Lexi to a skate park so she didn't have to hear it.

"So now you're a drug dealer?!" Luke, Calum, and Lexi got back, but Michael and Ashton didn't see them.

"No! Just give them back Ashton!" He tried to grab them, but Ashton pulled him off.

"Why so you can sell them!?"

"I wasn't selling them!"

"What was you going to do with them take them!?" Luke walked into the little living room.

"Stop it!" He yelled.

"I'm not having drugs around an 11 year old!" Ashton yelled at Mikey.

"What, the 11 year old that grew up around drugs?! Come on you know she's just an unwanted kid in the world!" Calum tried to hold back Lexi but she ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

"That 11 year old was in the kitchen!" Luke exclaimed. Right then, Mikey felt awful. He went to the bathroom door. Calum stopped him.

"Right now, I wouldn't talk to her," Calum said. Michael stormed to his bed and layed there. He pulled the curtain so nobody could see him. "Lexi, are you going to come out?" Calum asked knocking on the door.

She's been in there for an hour now. There wasn't a sound. Ashton sat in front of the door. She finally came out. She didn't look at anybody or say anything. She just went to Calum's bed. Ashton tried to go to her, but once again, he was stopped by Calum. "She'll come out later. She's a preteen Ash. She needs her space."

When they were eating Lexi came in there and sat in the floor. She wouldn't sit in their laps like she usually did. "Look Lexi-" Michael tried to say.

"Don't even try to apologize," she said.

"You need to cut the attitude," Ashton said.

"And apparently you need to cut me out of your life." She took her plate in the kitchen. When she tried to go back to Calum's bed, but Ashton stopped her.

"Look at me," he said. She didn't look at him. "Dammit Alexxs Nicole look at me right now!" He yelled, making tears stream down her face. She looked at him, with pure fear. "Stop it!" He grabbed her wrist harder.

"Ashton you're hurting me!" She yelled, Luke got up and got Lexi's wrist out of Ashton's grip.

"Don't you dare walk back to that bed!" Ashton yelled at her.

"Why do you care, I'm just another unwanted kid in the world!"

"No one thinks that!" Ashton yelled back.

"You and Mikey think so!" She stormed to Calum's bed. She cried her little heart out.  She cried until she cried herself to sleep.

"Lexi," Calum said softly. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "We have to go to a show."

"Okay," she said. She turned around and went back to sleep. Ashton started to open the curtain, but Luke stopped him.

"Ashton she's mad right now. Tomorrow she'll be happy," he said. They got off the bus and they went on stage.

Lexi was depressed. She's cut her wrists before, why couldn't she do it again? She thought about it.

She walked to Ash's bag, knowing she'd find a razor blade. Not thinking about it, she was wearing a white hoodie. She found one and cut her wrist a little. She dropped the razor blade once she realized what she had done. She slowly sat in the floor.

She cried so much it made her fall asleep. When the boys got back they didn't see the blade. They didn't wake her up, Luke carried her to the couch and didn't notice the blood. He fell asleep with her in his arms.

In the morning, Calum woke Lexi up shaking her like crazy.  "Alexxs why is there blood on Luke's hoodie?" She pulled her sleeve up a little. He quickly carried her into the kitchen to put medicine on the cuts. She hissed as the medicine started to burn.

"What's going on?" Ashton asked sleepily. Calum pointed to Lexi's wrist. "Don't do this to yourself, love." He kissed them. He picked her up and carried her into the living room. She cried in his chest while he rocked her.

Calum, Luke, and Mikey all sat around him. "Shhh.... we're here," Ashton said. Him and Lexi fell asleep shortly after.

"I feel terrible," Mikey said to Luke.

"Be careful about what you say around her. She's really sensitive," Luke explained.

"Yeah, if I was in foster care I would probably be sensitive too. She's had her heart broken so many times," Calum said.

"I just hope we don't do the same," Michael said.

"What do you mean?" Luke asked.

"I mean when Ashton went and talked to them, he asked them if we could adopt her and they said we couldn't."

"Why not?" Luke asked.

"They said it would distract us from our career."

The boys went to their beds. They had a big show tonight, but they didn't have one tomorrow. They quietly woke up Ashton. They told Lexi bye and they left for the show.

When they got back, Lexi was drawing. "Whatcha drawing?" Michael asked her. She looked at him.

"Nothing," she said, going back to it. Mikey sat down beside her and looked at the drawing. He couldn't really look at it but he saw the name of bands on it.

"You like Green Day?" He asked her. She nodded and continued. "I do too." She smiled and continued.

"Mikey?" She said quietly.

"Yeah." She put down the pencil and looked at him.

"Do you really think I'm just another unwanted kid?"

"No, I was just mad." She layed her head on his chest.

"I never want to leave," she said, bringing tears to Mickey's eyes. He had to tell her.

"Lexi?" She looked at him. He couldn't tell her just then. It would break her heart. "Um I don't want you to leave either." She smiled and he smiled back. She layed her head back on his chest.

Then it came to Lexi, a new school. She hoped Ashton forgot so she wouldn't have to go. She guessed that she would be home schooled. She didn't say anything though. She just layed on Mikey's chest until she was asleep.

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