falling hard

Katie was a normal girl who was working at an animal shelter with her best friend makiya when two famous people walked in who will it be and who is she going to fall hard for


1. meeting him

It was time for me to wake up it was 6:45 I went in the bath room to wash up and I lightly put on my make up and carefully put on my make up so I won't smuge it then did my normal hair style flattiron it then walk down stairs to eat breakfast and left I went on the bus at 7:30 my friend jaidian sat with me she's a girl and we went off to school as usal school was boering your probably wondering what's going on my name is Katie hall I live in homes chapel England with my mom and my sister kera my mom and dad broke up when I was 5 so it was always us girls I go to great mills high school I'm a senior and my best friends are Jaidan and Makiya and yea I work at a pet shop. so does makiya we were on are way there's as usually we sat around talking when 2 members of one direction walked in
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