Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


1. ~Prologue~

The sky was blue and the birds were singing their morning song.
I had finished my chores only a few minutes ago, but I was already cleaned up and ready for my royal duties.
Queen Claudia insisted on me doing chores, that way I wouldn't be spoiled.
I never minded the work...But sometimes I wonder what my father would think of her forcing me to do chores.
He knew I wasn't a spoiled child and that I didn't take anything for granted, but Claudia had her reasons and I had to obey.
If he were still here, he would probably get very upset...Sadly, he was killed in battle only a few years ago, when I was twelve.
That's when the work started and as I laid down on my bed, I thought of my past yet again...
At the age of twelve, Claudia started forcing me to do chores.
The maids were completely frazzled.
Since I was of royal blood, I was supposed to leave the chores to the maids and go about my day doing my royal duties, but Claudia had other plans for me.
I was forced to wake up and start my chores first thing, without any breakfast...I would be allowed to eat once I was finished.
Then, I'd have to go and start working on my royal duties.
By the end of the day, I was tired and it never took me long to fall asleep.
Charlotte,~one of the head maids in the palace~has been worried about me since Claudia forced this new rule upon me...
My lack of sleep and the enormous amount of chores was just a plot of hers to make me pay for one thing...My beauty.
I was never conceited, but Cluadia was.
She never liked me because I was 'too pretty', in her words of course.
I knew I was beautiful, my father and mother had told me that several times, but I never thought of myself as the prettiest girl in the kingdom.
Claudia on the other hand, wanted to look like me...
She wanted to stay young and be breath~takingly beautiful...Yet, her own heart was ugly with hatred and jealousy.
Couldn't she tell that inner beauty was the most breath~taking of all?
Of course not, she was too blind to see that.
I sighed, staring at the ceiling.
Would I ever get a break?
I then brought my hands up to look at them.
The scratches and cuts were almost healed from scrubbing the floors and cleaning the swords.
Sometimes I cried.
I could never hold my feelings in well...Claudia knew that, and for some reason, my tears were music to her ears.
I had thought of running away, but when I was thirteen I tried that and was brought back back the guards.
She put me in the dungeon for two weeks as a punishment.
Countless times, I had been slapped or beaten for her pleasure...And countless times I had cried because of the pain and torture I endured.
I sat up and looked outside at my balcony.
It overlooked the garden...Once of my favorite places to escape!
The breeze slightly pushed the curtains back, but they fell right back into place again.
Smiling, I got up and walked over to my balcony.
The sun felt so good on my pale skin.
I closed my grey eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air.
I started to daydream about a place far away from here...One where I was safe and protected, not tortured and worked to death...But a knock sounded on the door, snapping me out of my dreamworld.
"Come in." I said, continuing to gaze out at the garden.
I heard the door open and a soft cautious voice slowly spoke.
"Princess, Queen Claudia wishes to see you." I knew the voice belonged to Caroline and I turned around smiling at her.
"Thank you Caroline. I'll be down in a moment." I say brightly.
She half smiles, as if she knows something is going to happen to me. "You're welcome Princess."
She slowly closes the door behind her and my smile fades at the sadness in her voice.
What could have saddened poor, innocent Caroline?
Was Claudia upset?
Had I done something that I was not aware of?
What could it be?
As I stood there, trying to come up with an answer, I thought it best not to make Claudia wait...Or else there really would be something to worry about.
I walked down the long corridor that was dressed with a long red rug.
Claudia had insisted on the interrior being red...Blood red.
I never knew why she wanted such a color~I never fancied the color red, although she had me put in dresses for several occasions in the color.
As I walked down the corridor and made a right turn that led to the spiral staircase, I noticed that everyone seemed to be saddened and pained as tehy all saw me.
What was going on?
I knew something was wrong...Very wrong.
As I continued to walk,~slower than usual~I seen a few maids with tears rolling down their faces, as if bad news had just come for them.
I was almost to Queen Claudia's study when Charlotte looked into my eyes, looking scared for her life.
She looked at me and mouthed the word 'run', but I just continued to watch her as I stood outside the door to Claudia's study.
I couldn't help but overhear a part of the conversation that was being discussed.
"Alright Claudius," I heard Claudia say. "Winter will come into this room, Nathaniel,~who is standing by the door~ will grab her and tie her hands behind her back. She will then be executed right here and you, will take out her heart and give it to me."
My eyes widened and I almost gasped.
"But my Queen...Why do you want her heart?" Claudius, our executor, asked.
I could almost see the evil smirk on her face.
"So that I will be the fairest one of all." She said charmingly, then laughed a little. "Now, all we must do is wait for the little girl."
I gasped silently and my hand flew over my mouth as tears clouded my vision.
She was going to...Kill me?
That was why Caroline seemed so sad...That's why everyone seems so sad!
I looked over to see a maid looking at me with saddened eyes. "Run away Winter Snow." She whispered and I started to move backwards.
My heart was racing and my vision was clouded, but I dare not knock on the evil Queens door.
I kept walking backwards, with my hand over my mouth, but my next step would be the death of me.
I bumped into a small table that had a glass vase on it...It was Claudia's favorite.
The vase went sailing over and crashed onto the marble floor.
My hand flew down as I gasped.
The maid looked at me with fear and I started running down the corridor.
                                   *   *   *   *   We all were laughing when a loud crash was heard from the hallway.
Suddenly my guard was up and I was alert more than ever.
"Nathaniel," I said plainly. "See what happened please."
He nodded, "Yes, my Queen." And opened the door.
Sticking his head outside, he instantly looked over at me with panic.
"The Princess is running away! She's going down the corridor!" He said and I jumped out of my seat, running over to the door.
"What?!" I looked out and saw the seen for myself.
My eyes widened and my glare became more intense as I tensed my jaw.
"That little brat!" I mumbled to myself. "Guards! Guards! Bring Winter Snow to me now!" I commanded.
Claudius and Nathaniel looked at me, but I kept looking straight ahead.
"Don't worry, they'll catch her. And when she comes back I want her death to be slow and painful...Punishment for trying to get away." I spat as I glared at the girls back.
Winter Snow White wouldn't live to see another day with me as Queen.
Her time had come and it would be a painful death for her...Like her fathers and mothers.
I smirked evilly and sat back down in my chair as Claudius and Nathaniel watched me.
"You're awefully calm about this my Queen." Claudius said.
I smirked at him. "She won't get very far, trust me, it's happened before."
"You're so cruel my Queen." Nathaniel smirked evilly at me.
"Thank you, I try my best." I say smirking slightly.
I'd have her heart, one way or another....
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