Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


13. ~Chapter Twelve~

Something was brewing....And I knew it was true.
The atmosphere had changed, the silence was deadly and the castle wasn't the same.
Things were not as they were a few minutes ago.
Voice's could be heard, things were being done, but now, everything was frozen.
Impatient, I stood up from my throne and walked towards the doors direction in front of me.
Something was different, something was happening and I was not in the mood to deal with anything today.  
                                                                                *  *  *  *  
She was incredibly stupid to not have anyone guarding the castle.
It was too easy to get inside, although the maids weren't under any spell...Strangely it was just the guards and knights.
The plan was put into action and things were about to go haywire.
Matthew and another knight by the name of Colt, were taking me inside to the throne room. Now I had to manage my acting skills or the plan would be known.
As they dragged me, emphasizing that they had caught me, I fought against them like I was told to do....And as I would naturally do.
They meant me no harm, they were just going along with the plan, but we had to make all of this look real before it was too late.
They dragged me into the throne room and I was fighting and screaming and yelling.
Things I would naturally do.
As the doors opened, I realized that it wasn't Matthew or Colt who had opened the doors....But Queen Claudia herself.
She frowned for a moment and then saw my face.
The smirk that came across her face was purely evil.
"Nice to see you again Winter Snow White...Please come in." She says, stepping aside so they could bring me in.
They brought me in and slightly slung me onto the floor, where I was able to place my hands in front of me so my head wouldn't hit the marble floor.
Claudia smirked and I looked up at her.
"Oh Snow, you shouldn't have run away." She said. "Now you'll die slowly and painfully."
"But Claudia, why have you let me live this long then?" I ask.
"Because I needed you alive, now I don't." She says smiling. "You are the key to so many things for me Snow. Your death will not be for nothing...Trust me."
"You are EVIL CLAUDIA!!!!" I shout at her with anger. "You care for no one but yourself and not even that magic mirror can save you!"
"But my dear, the magic mirror said that you were the key...Well, your heart is the key." She says.
I stood up at faced her head on.
"You really think that I'm that stupid?" I ask smirking slightly.
She laughs and circles me slowly. "You, my dear, are not just stupid, your a complete idiot."
The mirror was in the corner of the throne room now, waves rippling across it's 'glass'.
Then I felt it.
The dagger pointing directly to my heart. It felt like a needle poking me.
"Now, you will die." She whispered in my ear.
 I swung myself around, grabbing the dagger aimed at me with both hands and twisting it, plunging it into her heart.
She gasped as blood started seeping through her dress and I stumbled back, shocked at what I had done.
The mirror then boomed and a wind rushed through the windows, followed by dark clouds and thunder.
"You tried and failed as I knew you would, your evil spell did you no good. Snow White still lives and still is fair but you my dear are now grey haired." The mirror continued as I watched Claudia's hair turn grey.
She looked at herself in horror as her death~~and the mirror~~began to change her.
"You wanted to be like Snow White, and very few things did you get right. Your thoughts were wrong, your hearts no good, you my dear misunderstood. So now listen carefully as I reveal this to thee." The mirror continued, scolding Claudia.
"You thought that looks was all it took, but you my queen misunderstood. You thought you did no wrong but oh my dear you have all along. Snow White has a heart for everyone she cares, she's kind, she's the fairest one. Her grace and sympathy make her fair but for you my queen, nothing is there. I tried to tell you all along that you were doing it all wrong, but you dare not listen to me and since you haven't, take it from me, you will never be fair because you never learned to care, inner beauty is truly rare but that is something you will never share...."
Claudia gasped as she finally fell onto the floor as lightning flashed and with that, everything stopped...
All the thunder, all the wind, all the lightning~~Everything!
I looked around and seen Colt and Matthew look at Claudia in shock.
The lifeless body never moved and suddenly it was swept into the mirror which then started another chant....One that instantly made me gaze into it because the voice was so familiar to me that it hurt...
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