Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


4. ~Chapter Three~

Demetri had said that since he had found me, he didn't really have to search anymore, but he was trying to come up with something to tell the Queen.
He had promised not to speak of finding me....Or even helping me, but he had to tell her something or she would find out on her own.
Right now, I was sitting in front of the lingering flames from last nights fire.
Demetri had left to go into the village, to buy a few things.
He was trying to figure out how we could disguise me, but when he studied me earlier he said that it was close to impossible.
"You stand out too much, everyone will recognize you nomatter what we do." He had said.
"What if we cut my hair?" I had asked.
He just shook his head, continuing to study me. "No, that will never work."
I looked at him wondering why, but then he told me.
"You're skin is like no other and your eyes can't be matched. Your hair is too....You." He said smiling a little. "Everyone will recognize who you are even if we cut your hair."
Sighing, I turned my gaze to the ground, and I felt his eyes on me.
He hadn't said another word until he decided to go get a few things.
The town wasn't that far from the camp, but he had been gone for quite some time.
Last night, he made me sleep in the tent, but I felt terrible since he was sleeping outside.
He said that he liked sleeping outside, but I knew that he hadn't slept well.
A sudden twig snap made me jerk my head in it's direction.
It was only Demetri, coming back.
He smiled at me. "I'm sorry, did I scare you?"
"A little, but I'm ok." I say relaxing.
He came over to me and sat down. "I got you something."
I watch, studying him as he reaches down into a sack.
I watch him as he pulls out a deep maroon dress and my face turns to that of surprise.
"Demetri," Is the only thing I can say and he just smiles as my fingers touch the fabric.
"I thought you'd like a change of clothes, since you've been wearing that dress for a few days now." He says.
Looking into his eyes, I smile. "You really shouldn't have done this."
"I wanted to." He says smiling. "Now, theres a river not too far from here. If you'd like, you can bathe and then change into this dress. You can wash you're other clothes while you're there too, that way you can switch between them every few days."
My smile was wider than it had been in a while. "Thank you, Demetri." I said hugging him.
He wrapped his arms around me and for the first time, I realized how strong they were.
We released each other and I set off with the new dress to find the river.
When I finally found it, I gently laid the dress across a tree branch and stripped out of the clothes I had on now.
I went into the water, which wasn't too bad, and started bathing myself.
Afterwards, I got out and changed into the new dress, then I washed the clothes I had on prior to my bath.
I hung them up in some bushes to where they would be hidden if any Guards happened to pass by.
Then, I walked back to the camp to find Demetri staring into the flames of the lingering fire.
When he finally heard me, he turned around and his eyes widened like something was wrong.
He looked me up and down and I bit my bottom lip. "Is something wrong?"
He shook his head as if to snap out of whatever was side~tracking him.
"No, no." He said meeting my eyes and then looking up and down my body again. "You look incredible."
I looked down blushing slightly at his comment.
Why was it that I blushed so easily for him?
What was it about him that made it so easy for me to trust him?
Truth was, I couldn't figure out what the answer to either of those questions were....But I knew that something was different.
I sat beside him and he kept looking over at me.
"I'm sorry..." He says continuing to stare at me. "I shouldn't be staring at you like that, it's rude...But I just can't take my eyes off of you."
I smiled, blushing again, but this time, I met his eyes.
"I don't mind you staring." I say smiling at him.
It was like he was holding something back....Words, actions~Something.
And as I gazed into his eyes and he gazed into mine, I somehow felt as if he were getting closer to me.
Soon, our faces were so close to each other that I could feel his breath on my face.
"Snow White." He said slowly and softly, then he leaned in and kissed my lips so softly.
My eyes widened at first because of the surprise and then they slowly closed, relaxing.
It was like there was some sort of spark to the kiss...And it felt so right, even though I knew that it was so wrong.
He was a hunstman. Queen Claudia had sent him to kill me, yet he wanted to protect me...
I couldn't get over that for some reason.
How could I trust him so easily? Why was I even letting him kiss me?!
This shouldn't have happened, but yet I didn't want it to stop.
My hand gently went up to him lower jaw and stayed there as he cupped my face.
He continued to kiss me and I kissed him back.
Why wasn't I stopping myself?! Why wasn't I stopping him?!
I was beginning to panic in a way, not because I didn't like it, but because I had never felt this way about anyone.
I had only known him for such a short amount of time and yet here I was, kissing this stranger that was still so familiar to me.
Gently, we both pulled away, but his eyes gave away the fact that he wanted to kiss me again.
I smiled, biting my lip, looking down.
"No," I said softly, still smiling and looking up to meet his eyes. "Don't be sorry."
He looked a little confused but more relieved than anything.
"I don't know what it is...I can't be sure..." I say. "But something about you is different than anything I've ever felt before."
He smiles and places his hand over mine.
I look down, following it to my hand and then I gaze back up at his eyes.
"Have you ever heard of 'love at first site'?" He asks smiling.
"Y~Yes." I say seriously.
"I think that that's what it is between us....Love at first sight." He says.
Thinking about it for a moment, I realize that there's a possibility he's right.
"When I first seen you, I knew I couldn't harm you...You were too inocent and graceful. I couldn't hurt someone who was such a treasure." He said and my eyes widened.
I relaxed again, letting him continue.
"I've noticed how different you seem to be...Your actions sometimes aren't the ones they should be, I know because I see it in your eyes." He explains. "You trust me even though Queen Claudia sent me to kill you. I could have taken you back to castle or told the Guards about you, but I haven't. I can tell that it's hard for you to trust people...But why am I so different than anyone else?"
"I~I'm not sure..." I say honestly.
I felt safe with him and I haven't felt safe with anyone in a long time. I trusted him and he hadn't betrayed my trust yet.  Something was different about him.
All of taht aside though, could it really be 'love at first sight'?
Or was I just charmed by this man who seemed to care so deeply for me.
It had only been a short time...And I hardly knew anything about him!
As I stared into his beautiful eyes, I realized how sincere he was.
"Demetri," I say. "I'm not sure~"
"Don't say anything..." He says softly, his gaze shifting from my eyes to my lips and back again.
"Demetri," I begin but he leans forward, covering my lips with his.
Never had I been kissed and never had I imagined that it would feel like this.
It was like a spark...An fire.
It was drastic and magical...And it was soft yet rough at the same time.
The kiss was breath~taking and when Demetri pulled away, I looked into his eyes and he gazed into mine.
Is was a strange question yet so simple... 'Do you believe in 'love at first sight'.'
Truth was, I was beginning too.  


                                                                                     *   *   *   *  


The throne room was quiet...Deathly quiet.
I yearned for Demetri to come through the doors any minute now and tell me that he had taken the heart from Winter Snow White.
How could she have gotten away like this?!
It angered me.
I knew what I wanted and the only way I could be what I wanted was to take her life.
Smiling at the thought of Demetri, I remembered how he seemed so eager to go out hunting for the girl.
I wonder how the 'hunting' is going so far.
As I sat in the silent throne room, I tried not to think.
The girl was old enough to take the throne, but I wouldn't give it to her. She'd destroy my setting and my rule as Queen!
Winter was too kind~Too caring...She needed back~bone and harshness.
How could you get anywhere by being kind to people?
I wish I could answer that, but I couldn't because I knew there was no way.
Kindness has died and caring is going down...The only way to get what you need or want is to be cruel.
This world was becoming worse everyday and someone had to be equally as worse in order to rule it.
As I sat there, I tried to figure out how I could kill Winter Snow White.
I couldn't just sit around, I had to do something!

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