Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


14. ~Chapter Thirteen~

The voice was so familair to me that chills ran down my spine. It was the voice of my mother and then the mirror turned to the color of her eyes.
"Your rule will be good and right, my darling don't you worry, for you'll be alright. We're here to guide you all the way and we'll stay beside you from this day. The evil queen is now destroyed so now we are both overjoyed. For you right here and right now are queen of White and we are forever proud." My mothers voice chanted.
Tears formed in my eyes as the mirror then faded to black.
"Snow?" Demetri said softly as he laid a hand on my shoulder.
I stood still as his arms wrapped around my waist.
"Love, are you alright?" He asks.
"That was my mothers' voice..." I said as the voice haunted my memory.
"I know." He says softly, holding me tightly.
"But how....." I say more to myself than anyone else.
"I'm not exactly sure, but we've got alot to finish right now." He says.
I nod.
There was so much to do now and so many pieces to pick up and such.
We all had to start somewhere and I didn't know where to start at all....  
                                                                                 *  *  *  *  
My coronation was quick and short, just how I wanted it.
The laws against curfew and dresscode were done away with and people were now able to live with freedom.
I knew that I would never be able to make the kingdom exactly how my father wanted it, fore it would take a long time for everyone to recover from this tragedy.
The sun was shining finally and the darkness had turned into light.
Everyone was happy and they weren't afraid like they used to be.
The executioner was taken into the dungeon along with all of Claudia's other helpers and supporters.
I was now looking out at the kingdom from my balcony.
My coronation wasn't the only thing that had happened in the past few days....I had also married Demetri.
He and I shared a deep connection and I knew that my father would have approved of him.
His arms wrap around my stomach and I smile at him.
"Are you ok?" He asks.
Dawn was beautiful and so colorful too! I couldn't miss it.
"Yeah, I'm just thinking." I say.
"About?" He asks, kissing my neck.
"About everything." I sigh, smiling.
"You should learn to let go of the past and things you can't change." He says softly.
I nod. "I know you're right, but your words don't really make it any easier." I say turning to face him.
He smiles as I wrap my arms around his neck.
"I'm trying, love." He says pecking my lips.
I smile and nod. "I know you are, and I appreciate that."
Gazing into his eyes, I smiled and kissed him.
I loved him and he loved me, and although our love was forbidden, I loved every bit of it.
Even though it was slightly rushed and very rarely looked upon, I loved it.
It was true and strong, even though we hadn't been together for long.
Demetri was my fairytale ending and to him, I knew that I would always be his princess...And to me, he'd always be my prince.
I smiled against his lips and then we drifted into our own little fantasy together...Away from the world.
Claudia should have known better. Beauty is fleeting, but inner beauty lasts forever...That is, if you don't let bitter things turn you bitter and you stay true to yourself.
Keep kindness alive and caring intact, never change yourself because of things or people and always be confident in yourself. True treasures are far and few, but fools gold is found by many.
So I have two words for you....Stay Beautiful.
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