Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


11. ~Chapter Ten~

Blood would be spilt if this led to a war, but Snow White's blood would not dare to touch the ground.
When she awoke the next morning, I smiled at her from the kitchen table.
"Good morning, Princess." I said as she sat down.
"Goodmorning, Demetri." She said smiling a little bit.
"So, we have an idea...." I began.
Her eyes widened and suddenly she looked wide~awake.
"Demetri! You know better than  to starts first thing in the morning~The girl just woke up!" My mother frowns.
"Mother, if we don't hurry and get this plan into action then we won't be able to do anything." I say.
"He's right. We have to start now." My father said, agreeing with me.
Snow didn't seem to mind and her eyes seemed to beg me to go on.
"We think that since the Queen has a magic mirror, that she's involved in more magic than she lets on..." I say. "We think that it's possible that the guard are under a spell of sorts and that you're the cure to that spell..."
"How? How could I be the cure?" She asks softly and confused.
I look at my parents and then at her. "Your blood is the cure."
Her eyes widen and she looks at me.
I can tell that her heart rate has sped up and she slightly moves away.
"M~my blood?!" She asks panicky.
"Just a small amount." I assure her. "Maybe a cup full~Not enough to kill you, just enough to make you slightly weak."
"But, how will~"
"One drop on their tongue should prove whether my father and I are right pr wrong...But think about it." I say trying to convince her. "The way they follow the Queens orders nomatter what they are, the way they seem in a daze~These were your fathers men!"
She looks down, thinking about my words.
"Your fathers men were never this way, they were always themselves...Now they're all just...Dazed." I say searching for the right word.
Her eyes meet mine. "But after we cure them, then what? They won't immediately turn to our side."
"They will because you have royal blood in your veins." I say. "You should have already been Queen!"
"I wouldn't make a good Queen." She says and we all look at her in shock.
"Snow, this whole kingdom turned to darkness the day your father died. She has done nothing but hurt people and torture them. The sun rarely shines, the people have a dresscode and they also have a curfew. That's not freedom! Your father wanted people to make their own choices, Queen Claudia doesn't. Don't you see? You becoming Queen will save this kingdom. You will be a good Queen, you will rule like your father and mother and you will most certainly turn this kingdom into what your father wanted."
"How do you know what my father wanted?" She asks looking at me.
It was time for me to explain myself....To explain all of myself.  
                                                                                     *  *  *  *       I looked into his eyes, knowing that something was up.
He knew of my fathers plans~Plans I never knew of!
How could he though? Was he the one who had killed him?
"Snow White, your father knew my father..." He begins and I listen with curiosity. "We were the castles main huntsman's. We caught the people who escaped the dungeon or who had comitted a crime yet they hadn't been caught."
He focused on what he was saying and I watched him closely.
"Your father, found out about me and my family....We're from a fallen kingdom."
My eyes widened at his words.
"Delmark was my parents' kingdom. I was the heir, but it was taken over by King Caius from Chrysalis. That resulted in the war your father fought when you were just a child." He says. "Your father fought back teh rights to the kingdom and as our thanks, we gave our kingdom over to him. He made us his huntsman and we worked for the castle until he died."
I had heard this all before, but I wasn't sure of where...
A book? A story? My parents???
I had heard of his kingdom and family....
"You're the lost Prince of Delmark?!" I asked in surprise.
He smiles a little. "Yes, Snow White, I am."
"Oh my goodness." I say looking down and processing it all.
"We were all very good friends with your parents and we've been trying to protect you like your father would have wanted, but when Queen Claudia took over, we couldn't. He told us of what he envisioned his kingdom to be like and what we could do to help out...But his plans were shortlived when his death accurred."
"You never said anything to me about~"
"I couldn't. If it had gotten out and something was mentioned, we were all afraid that we would be brainwashed like the knights...Or worse." He said.
Taking a deep breath, I move my wrist into his hands.
"Take my blood so that we can overthrow Claudia." I say with confidence.
He looks at my wrist and then at my eyes. "Are you positive?"
"Yes." I say. "Whatever will help."
He nods. "You're so much like your mother."
"Thank you." I say smiling.
He looks over at his mother and she brings him a knife and a cup.
"I'll try not to make this hurt more than it needs too." He says.
"I'll try to be strong." I say and with that, we begin the process of getting enough blood for all of the knights.
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