Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


8. ~Chapter Seven~

Rosalie was being too kind to me...
Not only had she let me bathe and wash my clothes, but she fixed the place in my dress and fed me.
I offered to help her out, but she denied me the privilege.
She was so kind and I knew that I shouldn't have troubled her.
I still didn't want to believe that everything was real.
It was all so real and I couldn't believe that I was facing it.
Rosalie had started sewing some other things while I sat down watching her.
I didn't know what to do and I knew that I had to stay low to keep from getting caught by the guards.
"Do you live here alone?" I asked, breaking the silence that made me think of everything that was happening.
"No." She replied as she continued to sew. "My husband is away for a few days and my son is working at the castle."
I nodded. "What does they do?"
She smiles. "I think you'll learn soon enough." She says as a knock sounds on the door.
I nod and she gets up to answer the door.
Paying no attention, I fiddle with my dress, but when I hear his voice, my heart rate speeds out of my chest.
"Mom," His tone was cheerful and I looked up to see them hugging each other. "How are you?"
"I'm doing fine, and you?" She asks.
He can't even reply as our eyes connect, leaving him speechless.
"Snow White?" He asks as if I were just an imaginary figure.
I stand up. "Yes?"
"How did you---Did you find her?" He asks his gaze turning towards his mother.
"Yes. I did. The poor girl was lying on the forest floor in the pouring rain." She says.
The memories flood back to me as Demetri smiles.
"Of course my mother would find you! I knew something would happen." He says as he walks over to me.
Taking my hands and gazing into my eyes, he gently kisses me.
I smile and when he pulls away, he continues to gaze into my eyes.
"You're safe here. I promise that." He says.
"But you, you were---" I try, but end up getting interrupted by him.
"I tricked her. Although, Claudia now knows about the trick. Probably learned about it from her magic mirror." He says.
"We have to figure out something. We can't keep running like this!" I say looking away, worried.
"Nothing will harm you here. No one can catch you here. You are safe and you will never be found." He says.
"But how can you be so sure, Demetri?" I ask, my gaze returning to his eyes. "How are you sure that they won't come and find us? We'll both be killed!"
He smiles and I just look at him. "Winter, do you trust me?"
"Y-Yes." I say taken aback by the question.
"Then trust me when I say this....They will never find you here." He says and I nod.
"Ok." I say.
I trusted Demetri and now, I had to trust him more than before.  


                                                                                            *  *  *  *  *  


Her eyes looked worriesome when I had walked through the door and first saw her, but now, they had something in them....Hope.
As I laid with her that night, I realized how she was right.
This situation had to end somewhere, yet, I I didn't know where!
How could we fix a situation like this?
I was a hunter, I had skills of tracking and ways of luring people to my traps--But what was I supposed to do about a queen who wanted to kill someone I had fallen so desperately hard for?!
Winter was safe as long as she was in our house...But something had to be done quickly.
I had to come up with a plan and I didn't even know what it was......

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