Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


2. ~Chapter One~

I ran as fast as my legs would let me.
My vision was clouded and my heart was beating rapidly.
How could she?
Why would she?
The answers were clear and true, sitting right in front of me.
She was evil and she wanted nothing more than for me to die.
I should have seen something like this coming....I should have seen the signs of this horrid nightmare!
But I hadn't...For I can't see the future and I can't plan or predict it.
I ran out of the castle, the guards not even paying me any attention at the moment.
Crying and sobbing, I ran as fast as I could.
The sun was shining and the breeze was soft and gentle, but the feelings inside were too painful to bear.
Running outside of the castles gates, I quickly ran down the road and into the deep forested woods.
The trees above me, gave me shelter and protected me from being out in the open.
I ran hard and fast, zig~zagging in different directions as I ran across the forests floor.
She would have them searching for me, I would be found soon enough and yet I would be dead when I returned.
The tears came harder and I ended up falling to the ground crying.
I tried to shut up my sobbing self, but I couldn't take the pain.
I clutched my chest for a minute and then got up, running in zig~zag directions all over again.
After all this time, this is what I got?
Why did I deserve to be executed?
Claudius was good friends with my father...What had happened to him?
Was he under a spell or compulsion of the Queen?
I came upon a cave which was dark and deep.
Crawling inside, I decided that I'd best just cry it out silently and hide since they'd be looking for me soon.
I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, putting my head down and crying into them.
Tears stained my dress and I had finally controlled the sobs that came out of my mouth.
Somehow, I fell asleep, only to wake up later that night.
I guess that the crying had made me tired and that I just fell asleep...But when I woke up, the stars were out, along with a full moon.
I took a deep breath and gazed out at it all, praying that I had awoken from a dream that was too real...But a sudden shout from one of the guards made me realize how real my nightmare was.
"Have you spotted anything?" One shouted.
"No, anything over there?" Another one shouted.
"No, keep looking. Queen Claudia will be upset if we don't find her before dawn." The first one said.
With that the shouts stopped, although voices could be heard from the woods.
You could hear their footsteps and see their torch lights from the cave and I sent up a prayer for them not to find me.
Even though I probably shouldn't have, I fell asleep again, exhausted from the day's events.  

                                                                            *   *   *   *  


By dawn the guards had searched the entire forest surrounding the castle.
They had reported back to me several times, but as Sir Knight Staffworth stood in front of me, I looked him in the eye.
"My Queen, she has disappeared...She's nowhere to be found! My men and I have searched the entire forest surrounding the castle." He said to me.
"Well search it again." I said irritated. "I want her found and I want her here, now!"
He nodded and left.
I didn't care that they were tired, I didn't care that they had searched it once~If they had to search it a thousand times then so be it!
I wanted Winter Snow White found! And I wanted her found now!
She was going to pay for making me wait, she wouldn't get away with this!
Claudius and Nathaniel watched me as I looked down at my desk frowning angrily, trying to think of where the little brat would be.
I wouldn't be happy until I seen her heart outside of her chest.
I wouldn't be happy until it beat no longer.
And I definitely wouldn't be happy until I seen her lifeless body, in a coffin.
How dare she be the fairest of them all!
That stupid mirror of mine had chosen her over I?
How dare it!
She would pay for this deeply.
As I continued to recieve responses from the guards about everything, I had finally come down to my last resort...A Huntsman.
I sat there, staring at him, wondering if he could catch her quickly.
His black hair, blue eyes and charming looks could fool the girl into believing that he were just a simple commoner.
Smirking slightly, my eyes met his.
"State your name." I ordered plainly with a smile playing on my lips.
"Demetri." He said with a voice that was deep but not super deep.
My smile could not be hidden from him.
Although he was a huntsman and I was having him kill Winter Snow White, I wondered if he'd like to stay here for a while afterwards.
The thoughts of having him around were quite inviting, but I needed to focus on business for now.
"You look awefully young to be a huntsman." I say.
"Yes my Queen, I am very young, but my father was one of the best huntsman's in the kingdom." Demetri says making me smile.
"Good, because I have a very important job for you." I say smirking.
As he watched me, a smirk played on his lips and I began to give him his orders.
"Demetri," I said softly and seductively, playing a game with him. "I want you to find my stepdaughter...Winter Snow White. I want you to kill her and bring her heart back to me in this box." I said setting the wooden box on the desk in front of him.
It was a simple wooden box, but it had whimsical carvings on each side and a heart carved into the top of the box.
He looked down at the box deep in though and then back up at me.
"The Princess?" He says. "You want me to kill royal blood?"
My smirk widened as I met his eyes.
"She's not royal to me and isn't fit to run a kingdom. I want you to find her, kill her, cut out her heart, and put it in this box." I said.
"My Queen~~" He started but I cut him off.
"Demetri, you have your orders, now, go follow them." I say smiling.
Hesitantly, he gets up from his chair and gently takes the box.
I watch him as he slowly exits my study, then I stare at the door.
"Her heart won't be beating much longer." I smirked evilly as I gazed at the door.
I started to walk past my magic mirror, but the blue waves rippling inside caught my attention.
"I see you plan to kill the girl." The mirror said.
I looked stright ahead and continued to walk over to the floor length window.
"Yes, I do." I said staring outside. "That's what it will take, isn't it?"
"My Queen, you wish for a heart that is pure, only so you can become the fairest in the land....Have you ever thought of a way to have a heart that is pure without killing for one?" The mirror asks.
"I do not see what you mean. And the order has already been given." I say.
"That is one thing that makes Snow White much better than you." The mirror says.
I instantly turn around, shocked to hear such.
"She can see what you mean by your words and your thoughts...Because she searches and finds the meanings."
"Snow White..." I say the name, looking down.
No one had ever called her by that.
"Pure and white as snow, she is the fairest of the land. Her beauty stretches far beyond her appearance." The mirror says.
"What are you talking about?!" I snap at the mirror, glaring.
"I cannot tell you, you must figure it out for yourself." The mirror responds.
"Ugh!" I huff turning around towards the mirror.
"I have officially given up on that thing!" I mutter to myself only to get a response from the mirror.
"That would be good, to give this up, for it would be bad for you to continue." The mirror says.
My eyes widen and I turn to look at it.
Angrily and irritated, I walk out of my study, trying to find something to get my mind off of Snow White and what the mirror had said.          

                                                                                        *   *   *   *  


So far, the forest seemed clear.
No guards, no kingdom horses anywhere, nothing.
I was sure that I was in the clear.
As I poked my head outside of my little cave, I though it best to try to find a new hiding place.
Although there were no guards here now, doesn't mean that in the next hour the forest will still be clear of them.
I stepped out to see a small creek beside the little cave and decided that I really needed some water.
I knelt down and drank from the small creek.
The water was cold and refreshing, it was also really clear too!
When I got back up, I looked around, debating which direction I should go.
To my right was the way I had come, I sure couldn't back-track and get caught.
To my left was the cave, which I could always come back to if I needed to, but right now I needed a new hiding place.
Behind me was probably another way to the castle grounds, and in front of me was a wide range of forest.
I couldn't go nowhere but straight, so I crossed the small creek and started going straight in who-knows-what-direction.
I had never been good at directions and I was often confused.
So, I continued to go straight and every so often, I zig-zagged.
I'd take a left and walk for a few yards, then I'd go straight, then turn right-I was going all over the place.
But I hit a road block when I came to a wide, open field.
Guards could be hiding in the forests edge, people could easily spot me!
As I tried to think of another way, I realized I had two options....Crawling through the tall grass, or walking around the field.
From here, the field seemed to go down a long ways, so I decided to crawl through the tall grass.
I wasn't afraid of getting dirty, I actually didn't mind, but I hoped that no one would be able to see me the grass.
As I crossed the field and made it to the other side, I slowly climbed from the grass, back into the forest, but was stopped by a sudden voice.
"She could be anywhere!" One of the guards said as they became visible.
I quickly and quietly crawled backwards, back into the field where I was invisible I hoped.
"We've already searched the forest, a total of four times now!" Another complained.
"And if Queen Claudia wants up to search it thirteen more times then I guess we'll have to do it, but until Princess Winter Snow White is found, we'll be searching this area over and over again." A commanding Knight responded.
I crawled backwards through the grass, trying to figure out another way out of this mess.
Somehow, I was frozen slightly to the ground, I couldn't move because I was too afraid.
Although, after the voices faded out, I began moving again.
By the time night had fallen, I was thirsty, hungry and tired.
I looked around for a shelter, but all I found was pine tree with branches low enough for me to climb.
Debating on whether I would be safe from the guards up there or not, I decided to take the risk and find out.
As I settled down into my little branch bed, I went to sleep, hungry and thirsty, but thankful to be alive still.

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