Winter Snow White is being hunted. She's not safe anywhere from the evil Queen Claudia's wrath. But when Queen Claudia sends out a huntsman to kill Winter Snow, will he do his job? What happens when 'love at first sight' takes place and he feels the need to save Winter Snow? Can they ever escape the evil Queens wrath and find their happily ever after? Or will their forbidden love come crashing down on them when their secret is discovered? Find out in "Forbidden".


5. ~Chapter Four~

The nightmares of what the Queen could do haunted my mind.
Winter Snow White, so innocent, caring and kind....Why would anyone ever want to kill her?
As I watched the girl in front of me sleep, I gently pushed a piece of her hair back behind her ear.
The guards were still at the castle.
I hadn't seen or heard them in the forest.
Honestly, I did believe in 'love at first sight', but I couldn't believe that that was what I felt when I first met her.
Her beautiful eyes showed me her darkest days as fear trembled through them.
Never would I forget the look in her eyes that first day.
Something inside me wanted to protect her, but I was running out of time and I knew that.
What was I to do?
Run away and never return?
I needed to go see the queen....I needed to come up with something.
As I kissed Snow Whites forehead, I gently got up without disturbing her.
I knew that the queen would still be up, she was awaiting my arrival.
I walked through the forest, then out onto the dirt road which led to the castle.
The guards let me through the gates and I made my way inside and to Cluadia's study.
She was standing by the window gazing out into the darkness as I entered.
"Queen Claudia, I wish to speak with you." I say as she turns around smiling at me.
She smiles walking closer to me.
"What may I help you with Demetri?" She asks in a seductive tone. "Have you brought back the girls heart?"
"I'm sorry to inform you, but I can't find her anywhere. I've checked every nook and cranny in the forest and she's nowhere to be found!" I say seriously.
I hated to lie, but sometimes~As a hunter~I had too.
She looks me up and down then places one of her hands on my chest, rubbing it slightly while moving it down.
"Maybe you need some....Refreshing." She says looking into my eyes. "Maybe that will help out with the hunt."
Her hand was now at the very top of my pants, tugging slightly on my belt.
I backed away. "No my Queen, I'm quite alright."
She looks stunned by my actions and I give her a serious look.
"Do you not want what I have to offer?" She asks.
"I'm sorry, but I can't." I say. "I just came to tell you that I've not found her anywhere and by now she could be anywhere."
Claudia looks at me with a slight glare, sighing.
"Demetri, the hunt will have to go on until she has been found." Claudia says.
"And if she is never found? I say.
She look as if she's thinking about that. "If she is never found, then all my fighting will have been for nothing."
"What are you fighting for my Queen?" I ask curious.
She smiles at me. "Let me show you."
She goes over to a mirror that's standing nearby and looks deeply into it.
The mirror, which is accented with silver and royal blue seems to ripple in a way that is confusing.
"It's making ripples like water." I say my thoughts aloud.
"Indeed. You see, this is no ordinary mirror, it's a magic one." She says, then turns to look into it.
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" She says into the mirror making it ripple even more.
"Pure and white as snow, Snow White is the fairest of the land. Her beauty stretches far beyond her appearance and with grace and forgiveness she stands." The mirror says.
My eyes widen as the talks to her.
I see the Queen's eyes turn to slits at the mirror's words.
"She must be killed, or I'll never have what I want." The Queen says.
It didn't have to be this way, I knew that.
Although, Claudia would never give up and I would never give in.
Snow had to run and if she were to make it out of here safely, she had to do it now.
"I will try again my Queen." I say bowing slightly.
"Please do, Demetri." She then turns to look at me. "You shall be rewarded for completing the task at hand."
I didn't want her rewards.
All she wanted was a person to pleasure her, she didn't care about me or anyone for that matter.
Jealousy is evil and she was very consumed with that evil.
When I returned to the camp, I found Snow sitting outside the tent on a log near the almost~gone fire.
She looked up at me and I looked down at her with fear in my eyes.
"Snow, you have to run. Anywhere but here, you have to leave." I said to her seriously.
"What? Why?" She asks.
"Claudia is going to kill you, she won't ever stop hunting you. You need to leave and never come back." I say.
She looks into my eyes and gently touches my face. "But how could I leave you to die?"
I cover her hand with mine. "Please don't worry about me Snow. Worry about you." I said to her as I leaned in closer.
"And if I don't?" She asks.
"You will be putting yourself at risk every second that you're here." I say.
"Demetri, I don't want to leave you." She says softly, just above a whisper.
"I'll find you eventually, but please go." I say to her and press my lips to hers softly.
She kisses me back and I have to pull away.
Looking into her eyes I can  see the tears forming already. "Go Snow White. Now!" I whisper to her.
She nods and gets up, running off through the woods.
Strange as it may sound, it's like she took a part of my heart with her.
Eye~catching and graceful, I couldn't not watch her as she ran off.
I prayed for her safety and that we would meet again...If I wasn't killed by Claudia.  


                                                                                        *   *   *   *  


Tears ran down my cheeks and blurred my vision as I ran.
I was running from death and from evil...I was running from things that were in store for me.
As I ran through a creek and then a field, thoughts about Claudia's plans swarmed inside my mind.
I already missed Demetri, and I wished that he was with me...But he had warned me.
He told me to run away, to leave and never come back. I knew that I needed to trust him and I knew that he was right, but I hated leaving him behind.
What would she do to him if things went badly?
She'd kill him!
I didn't want that, I had to come up with something before she found out.
I had to help save him from the awful death she would punish him with.
Her deaths were never quick...
Different for everyone.
I'd witnessed most of them by her force, and every time, she would whisper one line in my ear... "Wrong me and I'll end you..."
Her favorite death sentence line.
As I ran, I started crying so hard that I fell.
I wanted the voices and the pain and the nightmare to end!
Living this way wasn't living and I was tired of the games!
What would I do?
How could I make this nightmare end?
As I laid there and cried, I focused on the years of my past....How cruel and unforgettable they were.
My father would have never wanted this for me and I knew that my mother would kill Claudia for harming me.
Tragic and hurtful, that's what it was filled with.
I didn't want to run, but how could I not when I knew what would happen if I didn't?
So, I got back up and did what I had to do for now...Run.

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