The Musketeer //For the Huntsmen Competition//

"All for one and one for all." -- For Corrine Tripoli, life as the ward of one of the King's noblewomen is all too calm. Under the same palace roof of King Louis XVI, she is taught that a young lady is not to fight. Not to run. Not to wear trousers. Her life is planned out for her - a long, boring life as a wife to a nobleman, toiling away in a kitchen with dozens of children grabbing at her heels. But Corrine's being is about to take a turn for both the best and the worse when she discovers a plan made by Cardinal Richelieu, the trusted advisor to King Louis. Determined to save the King of France, Corrine turns to the Musketeers. But it turns out that you have to be a man to be trusted.......... //A sequel of sorts to the Three Musketeers. For the Huntsman Competiton.// Credit to DanielleCullen:) for the making of the cover.//


1. A Prologue Of Sorts



The atmosphere around me was stifling hot, yet bone-chilling at the same time. I don’t know if it was because I was lying on on the ground, the frigid ice glazed grass under me as blood seeped into the white snow, or if it was because of the fiery depths of Hell reaching out to me, beckoning me. I could vaguely see a familiar face staring at me, bleak gray eyes searching for any sign of life. Another man stood guard at the gaping hole in the burning trees, rapier in his left hand, the right one clutching his blood stained tunic.

    I let out a strangled moan, the blood catching in my throat.

    Well, this is how it ends.

Here’s my year so far: I nearly got married to an evil overlord, Benedict Blackson, attempted to stop an assassination attempt against the King of France, joined a band of musketeers as I masqueraded as a boy, and got my arse kicked to the point where I don’t know where skin meets bruise, or where blood meets raw, torn flesh. Things cannot get any worse.

Oh, wait.

They can. The Lord Almighty above is not done with me yet. Things can get much worse than they are.

    I’m bleeding to death. How did my life come to this? How did it lead up to me, lying on the ground, drowning in my own blood?

    Well, that requires me to start at the very beginning.

    My name is Lady Corrine Tripoli.

    And this is how my life ended.

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