5sos Imagines

Imagines about 5sos


1. Imagine: Luke


       "Come on babe we're gonna be late" Luke says as he's pushing you out the door. "Luke we have a whole other hour and they don't live too far" you say while looking at Luke and trying to get him back into the house with you. "But I want to make a good first impression..." He says frowning at you. "Any you will if you just be yourself cause that's what my parents and I, like in a guy." you say trying to assure him that you are only introducing him to your parents and not the president. "So could you please loose the suit and tie, even though you look good in it and wear something more casual. Please" You say looking at him with puppy dog eyes. "But-" You cut Luke off by kissing him on the lips and hugging him. "Yes m'am" Luke says while running off and quickly changing into one of your favorite outfits you like to see him in. "better?" he asks while leaning against a door frame. "Much better" you say while smiling. 


      You and Luke spend the hour before you leave watching a movie and cuddling. "Okay love it's time to go." Luke says while standing up with you in his arms. "Luke! Put me down!" You yell playfully at him and giggle. He picks your shoes up while you're still in his arms and carries you out to the car. "Thank you" you saying laughing and he kisses your forehead. He chuckles and sits down next to you in the drivers seat. You drive up to your parents house and your parents greet Luke humbly. The night goes smoothly and your parents are happy to know that you are in good hands. 

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