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3. Imagine: Ashton


      You and Ashton are on your way to a college party that you were looking forward to the whole week. You and Ashton are in the car driving to the house that the invitation says it is taking place in. "I think it's this one Ash" you say. "Yep it is." He says as he drives toward the house. He finds a place to park and stops the car. "Ready m'lady?" Ash says. "Yes I sure am" You say grinning at him. He opens your car door and helps you out. You both walk up to the front step of the house and you ring the doorbell. You can hear the music from outside of the house and you already know you're going to have a great time. "Stay with me okay?" He says wanting to keep you safe. "Okay" You say then kiss him. You both walk inside and start the fun.


(After the party)

       You and Ash are both drunk and don't realize it. Ash goes up to his car and gets inside the drivers seat. "You ready to leave my love?" Ash says slurring his words. "Hell yeah let's leave this place and go to my place" You says giggling and smirking at him a little. Ash starts driving terribly but you think he's driving fine because you are drunk as well. He then turns onto the wrong side of the rode and the last thing you remember seeing are two bright semi-truck lights. Then black.

2 Days Later 

    You wake up in a white room with tubes attached to you. You can barely keep your eyes open and your head is hurting very badly. You close your eyes again

Ashton's Pov:     

      I've gotten minor injuries, and i'm still recovering but She is isn't waking up. She is in a coma and she has been like that for two whole days. This is all my fault if I hadn't gotten drunk none of this would have happened. The doctor came in and said he had bad news I was terrified for my life and hers. "I'm sorry to tell you this Mr. Irwin but, this young lady won't be able to remember anything" the doctor says. "W-What do you m-mean?" I say choking on a tear "She won't remember anything that has happened, and she won't remember you." He says and I started crying. This is terrible she won't know who I am, and she will ask how she got here. I have to tell her that I did this and it was fatal. In her mind she got in a car with a stranger and almost died. 


    You wakeup and see a cute blond boy siting next to you holding you hand. You start to blush and sit up. "W-Who are y-you?" you ask very confused while looking down at your hand in his. "I'm your boyfriend. Ashton." He says looking at you in the eyes with sorrow. "M-My what?" You say in disbelief. "I scored big time" you say giggling and look at him. "Heh, little do you know." He whispers while looking down at the floor. "What?" you say looking at him."Nothing, you'll find out eventually" He says while still looking down. 


     After 3 and a half months you find out how you ended up in the hospital and have fully recovered thanks to Ashton. The one thing he didn't tell you was that he donated a kidney to you. If he didn't you would have died. Even though he hasn't told you this you still love him very much and you never knew anything about your kidney failure.

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