a fragile girl embraces in the love of a young Luke who like to play with the weak yet there's something in Heather that makes Luke want to love her


2. the plane ride

we lifted of the ground. my ears started to clog with the loss of pressure. it was to take 15 hours and 55 minutes to arrive. in the mean while I dreamed. of my new life here in Sidney. I miss  home already. most of all I missed my mother. I didn't like the idea of going to Sydney because it wasn't home, but it was better that staying with my grouchy aunt Marty. I was going to stay with my uncle Tim, he was very close to mother which made me close to him. he was a tall man who surly resemble my mother, it was like they were twins.


I drifted to sleep it felt like minutes when a flight attendant shook my shoulder and told me we have arrived.  I groggily walk off the plane. it was like a whole new world. I went to pick my baggage and headed to the front to find my uncle. as I step out the door a warm ray of sunlight penetrated my mild pale skin. it felt like mothers soft warm hand touched me. I looked around for a few minutes before I saw a familiar face my uncle. he broadly smile at me as I walk shyly to him and embraced him tightly. " Heather, princess you grew" he chuckles I smile "I aint four anymore uncle Tim" I replied to his comment. after our greeting we loaded the car and went home.   

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