The Devil Of My Dreams- Sequel for "To love a killer"

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE COVER ART IT WAS FREE PUBLIIC ART NOT MINE. Also this is a fan-made sequel to @killerproxy and @XelAlex "to love a killer"


2. Chapter 2-Smiles

Chapter 2: Smiles
I wasn't sure how to recover from that. 
Did he feel mercy?
Did he just not want to be caught?
Was it a dream?
I decided to continue on living and he wouldn't bother me (hopefully).
I couldn't sleep at all, so much on my mind. 
Was I going to die?
Who cares, I need to see him again. I need answers.
I go towards the closet and he left the craw space open, he was quieter but I could still hear his heavy breathing.
"Hello? Can you please explain I won't hurt you please"
No response
"I can hear you"
"What do you want?" He finally responds 
"Why are you here?"
"Why does it affect you Irish girl?"
"You know who I am and I feel bad that you have such large stalking issues"
"Sneaking into girls bedrooms is kind of in that category"
"I was here first so I doesn't count"
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm not going to say anything more Irish girl"
"Can I at least know if you are going to leave?"
"I will just be the devil of your dreams, I linger and scare but don't hurt, at least not now"
I left the closet and headed to bed, I felt comfortable knowing he was merciful,sure he seems like a psycho but has a soft side.
Bang! Smash! Crack!
"Joey! What are you doing get out!"
"Where's your food?!"
"In the castle not here!"
"Go get me some"
"Why not Irish girl? You obviously want me here"
"How do you know that!"
"You didn't kick me out, you trust that I won't kill you"
"You think I'm hot so you want me to stay"
I look at him poker faced, I was kind of wishing I could scare him off and wanted him to leave but I don't, why do I want him to stay! 
"Come on May, smile"
"Can you stop please"
"No, I'm hungry" he runs down the stairs, my mom! 
"Stop!don't hurt my mother!"
Now I was pissed.
I race after him toward the castle and he was already inside,it was still early so my mom probably wasn't up.
I still follow him in, he has only gotten a box of cereal which was surprising.
"Get out now my mom will not approve"
"I don't care if your mom approves, I never will care about anything"
I just ignore his rude comment and follow him back upstairs.
"This is the generic cereal you know"
"Why does it matter?"
"Not as good" he takes a bite and lays on his back 
"Not a very safe position, you could choke"
"Like I said earlier, I don't care about anything"
"Can you just tell me why you are here and help me figure out something"
"Why would I?"
"I will let you stay"
"I was going to stay anyways so why does it matter"
"Please Joey"
"Fine whatever, I'm here cause both my parents are gone and other bull shit like that"
"Okay, well can you help me figure out how my uncle died if you have been here that long"
"I can try"
"How do I get paid?"
"No police?" I ask trying to approve 
"I guess I can not kill and help you"
" thank you!" I lean over and hug him but quickly move back, what was I doing?!
He began to smile, "your big boobs knocked over my cereal" 
I smile back
Why was I smiling?


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