In a post-apocalyptic world, where everything and everyone has began to self-destruct, there are only a few humans left - the ones who were smart enough to run away from the droids. In the middle of the junkyard that the Earth has become, only one decides to change the planet's destiny, to save the humans she cares so desperately about. Not human, not droid, not anything. And yet, she was everything. (Book in progress, one chapter released every once in a while.)


1. Accalia's Mission

She entered the preperation room, her face blank, her eyes dull. One step, two steps, three steps - every slight movement had to be controlled. She couldn't allow herself to feel, because emotion could spark a reaction in the system which she had so carefully over-ridden before, giving her a chance to enter without any suspicion. One wrong movement and she could be discovered. She scanned the room quickly, calculating its measurements. Ten metres in all directions, and a chair standing in the exact centre, glued to the ground. As she walked over and sat down, a voice sounded from the wall in front of her, echoing across the blank, white, plastic walls, sending vibrations through her, disturbing the silence she had become accustomed to.

"Droid. Do you know who I am?" the speakers were saying. It was a simple question, but the person behind it knew exactly how the droid should respond, and that made the situation harder for the intruder. "Yes, of course. You are our creator!" she replied, a slight bounce to her tone. "Excellent. You will now be presented with a short video, where you will be shown everything you need to know, and nothing more. Do you understand?" With complete sincerity, the intruder said "Why yes, madame," while letting herself smirk slightly. Droids were known for unusual, stupid behaviour,  so she was easily convicing the humans behind the screen that she was one of their amusing creations.

As the video played, she sat completely still, with one leg crossed over the other. At first glance she appeared to be in a relaxed position, but if you were to look closely you would notice that her back was slightly too straight, her shoulders bent at a slightly awkward angle. All droids were programmed to do so - their animators could never quite figure out how to make them behave naturally. She was shown footage of the third World War, and told how the last standing country's government had decided to devote their lives to creating a new species that would replace humans and their destructive qualities. The first droids were shown, humans with their brains modified to remove greed, a quality that was believed to be causing their problem, but also emotion. Then their bodies were enhanced, every vein in their body replaced with artificial, metal wires that could generate electricity and respond to commands. It made her sick to watch what pain the superior beings had to go through to become mindless slaves, but she stayed silent, blinking twice a minute, drumming her fingers on the chair. She couldn't understand why the humans had agreed to alter themselves, when they were already genetically perfect. The only real problem they had was what they were teaching their young, and what damage they were doing to themselves in the name of profit and greed - which was a negative quality, but still a fascinating one. She was captivated by the way they were able to change and adapt, depending on who they were brought up and taught by. They were elastic, able to abandon their greed if they really wanted to, and yet they took it one step further, completely getting rid of it.

The video ended by showing a group of droids interacting with eachother, laughing and talking as though they were old friends, captioned 'We are better. We are stronger. We are the future,' and the speakers sounded again. "Droid, explain to me why you would like to join us in our mission to help this planet." The intruder's pretence dropped and she steadily flexed her arms out. It was time, Accalia had entered their system. "Well, I'm not sure ... I think, maybe it's because I'm a mindless droid who has no choice? Or ... Because I am also obsessed with being better? Or maybe because you programmed me to do so?" she mocked, putting one finger to the side of her lips and frowning.

"What is she doing?" the creator asked, her question muffled. "Is she malfunctioning? No, let me rephrase that, thse aren't robots, after all. I hate that word. Is she resisting?" Nervous conversation began, and the intruder stood up. "No! Stay there!" the creator commanded. "You can't escape, droid! There is no possible way for you to escape!"

Her tone was so urgent, so nervous. The intruder smiled, and stepped forward. "Ah, but you see, I am not a droid," she replied, walking towards the wall directly in front of her, increasing her speed with every step. And then, she closed her now gleaming, silver eyes almost mechanically, and walked straight into the wall, appearing to have melted into it. The intruder had no boundaries, she could easily manipulate solids around her, as though they were figments of her imagination. As though they were merely fog that she was travelling through. For the intruder, almost anything was possible.

Alarms sounded as she appeared on the other side. The creator was sitting in front of a long control panel, surrounded by a group of terrified scientists. Not one female, apart from the creator. The intruder's 'intuition' registered this as 'sexist,' a word the pre-war humans had used to describe when in a situation one sex was more important or liked than the other. The intruder smiled sweetly at the creator, looking straight into her dark, almost black eyes. "Hello, Katherine. I have come to retrieve a certain file about your droids, and I think you could help me with that," the intruder sounded.

"I don't know who you are, but I will never give anybody access to that file. I know what you would use it for, you would create more droids, no doubt. More droids to start wars and serve you! You would try to destroy this planet!" Katherine screamed, with fire burning brightly in her eyes. Her hair was sticking out of her once-smart ponytail in bunches; red frizz obscuring her vision slightly.

"You are so stupid, Katherine, that's what you are doing! You claim to have created droids for the good of the Earth, but that project was abandoned long ago - now you just want an army of slaves! I want to finish that project, I want stop you from ruining everything!" the intruder screamed even louder, her words slicing the air like knives. Bulbs flickered on and off as the intruder drained the power from the lights and released it again. In and out. Like breaths. Except that she wasn't doing this from rage, or at least not rage in a sense that she could understand. Only the humans felt rage. She felt electricity.

And just like that, the control panel exploded.

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