A Collection Of WastelandOfAdriannes Poetry

This is a collection of all my poetry. I hope you enjoy.


1. Falling

 What scares you?



 Dark lonely nights,

 Leaving the ones you love,

 Being forgotten cold and damp?

 I am afraid of falling

Of crashing down

Slowly falling

Or falling at a speed so unimaginable you feel you might throw up

Falling to the ground 

Falling from a plane

From the sky so beautiful but you can't see its beauty because your afraid.

I am not afraid of heights. All though most would think I am.

I'm simply afraid of falling.

 Falling Backwards so I cannot see what I am falling to

 Or Forwards so I can see the world crashing before me till I a land face first and break my nose.

not only the physical falling but the falling in love

Falling in love with someone so beautiful inside and out. 

Or falling for someone so cruel and ugly yet i am blinded by my ignorance

I cannot stand the feeling of falling and having no control on where I land.

Ghosts do not scare me I find them as friends

Sharks are not mean just misunderstood

I find comfort with the dark and being alone

I can always find my way back to loved ones

And being forgotten is only for a short time.

Yet I am still afraid of falling

crashing down from the highest height in the entire world,

solar system,


 and universe.

I am afraid of falling.

Yet when I fall down I can still get back up

I can fight off my demons...my enemy's

I can finish falling. 

And then I can conquer my fear

I can stand up.

And be proud to say, I fell

I fell! And I didn't let it destroy me. Yes I was scared out of my mind.

But then I made it through. And I got back up.

And it my have taken time to recover. 

But still...

I fell.





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