My tiny boxed girl~ reader x markipler

Mark was your childhood friend and he always helped you but once he tells you he loves you it changes everything! He cares for you and protects you from all danger. He is your tiny box mark and your his tiny boxed girl.~~


2. day two - try not to laugh challenge with mark

I went to marks house and mark asked me to make a video with them and I said sure! I was the first to not laugh, before the camera was turned on mark said,"If you laugh you'll get a treat..." Making me blush probably making the water in my mouth boil. Mat and ryan where there too, mat saw me blushing like there was fire on my face. Mark made me laugh every time so I lost. "So time for you to get your 'reward' for losing..." He said taking my hand to his room. "M-mark w-what are you doi-"Mark cut me of with a hard kiss. He puts me at the end of his bed and continues to kiss me. "Hey mark whe-"Matt walk in making me and mark jump, my face looked like there was fire lit on my face."oh h-hey mat! We where just- I mean we- *sigh*" Mark couldn't find any words to say to Matt, Matt's face was red like lava I couldn't blame him!Seeing both of your best friends kissing out of no where! Ya don't blame him! I got up and passed Matt walking out of the room and going outside to think what happen and what Matt saw. "ah shit.." I whisper to myself running my hands threw my hair messing it up a bit. "Hey you alright?" Ryan asks me sitting on the steps with me. "Not really... can you keep a secret?" I ask him blushing a bit hoping he won't notice."Yeah you can tell me anything!" He says smiling."Me and mark are dating and Matt didn't know and he... he say me and mark kissing and I just feel!... I don't know.."I say losing my words."Oh... so he-and you- ohhhh I can talk to him if you want!" He says about to get up but I stop him by grabbing his sleeve to his shirt."No i will. It would make things a little more awkward if you do it and I don't."I say getting up and hugging ryan for the company. "Hey matt...?" I ask walking into his room. I knew he had a crush on me for a while since he commented on every tweet I did which was cute and funny to me and we are really close friends like me and mark but him seeing this just... crushes him I could tell from the look on his face and eyes."Oh... hey (y/n)..." He says lifting his head up from his phone."I'm sorry you saw that I didn't know mark was going to do that so it was a surprise to the both of us huh...? I say looking into his eyes. He hugs me and says ' it's fine' but I know he's hurting right now so I kissed him on the cheek. "So.. talk to you later?" I say after kissing his cheek. "Y-yeah see ya later." I get up and walk out of the room and give mark and ryan a thumbs up. So I guess some more recording! yay!

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