My tiny boxed girl~ reader x markipler

Mark was your childhood friend and he always helped you but once he tells you he loves you it changes everything! He cares for you and protects you from all danger. He is your tiny box mark and your his tiny boxed girl.~~


3. Day three - Mat? Ryan?

I was on Twitter seeing jack posting stuff same with minx, I rememberd that mark texted me even though he was down the hall from me so I went to talk to him but his door was closed. 'he might be recording I should leave him he's I though but I stayed there for a moment and I heard nothing at all. 'he might be editing? Or wait' my thoughts got tangled when I heard mark say something. I got a little noesy and put my ear up to the door like a little kid. "Should I? I mean we've been dating for three days I highly doubt she'd want to Ryan!" Mark says making me wonder something's, one what is he talking about?! And two why does Ryan think? I heard someone walking to the door so I pretended knock on the door. Ryan opened the door and marks face was red. Ryan pulled me in and closed the door. "What's going on?" I ask them but marks face looked like his hair, practically red."do you want to fuck mark? Yes or no?" "Ryan enough I know it's a no right?" They both look at me." No we've been dating for three days that's way early to even do that!" Mark smiles at Ryan and Ryan apologized and went to make a video with Matt. I told mark I was going to take a calming bath so I went to the beautiful lit bathroom and turned on the bathtub. I step into the warm steaming water and put earbuds in listing to some of my favorite music. Suddenly a shadow came over me so I opened my eyes and screamed to see Matt and Ryan. "WHAT THE FUCK GUYS GET OUT!!!!" I screamed at then but all they did was stare at me, luckily mark heard and flung the door open sending shivers down my spine. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OUT!!" Mark grabs them and throws them out of the room. "Are you okay? Did they touch you?" Mark asks me grabbing me a towel to wrap myself in."no they didn't. what's there problem?!" I ask him as my hair drips with water, the towel barely covered my body, I noticed mark looking at every inch of my body making me blush and he noticed me blushing. "I-i gonna- um- imma go...!" Mark runs out of the room making me smile. I got dressed and walked out.what an interesting day hm?

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