My tiny boxed girl~ reader x markipler

Mark was your childhood friend and he always helped you but once he tells you he loves you it changes everything! He cares for you and protects you from all danger. He is your tiny box mark and your his tiny boxed girl.~~


1. day one - childhood friends

"Mark wait up haha!"I saw running after mark with my high voice."No way!"Mark says continuing to run with my hat. Mark falls over a branch and I fell on top of him."U-uh..!!"I say looking down at him and him looking at me. I wake up form the dream of my childhood friend and see that my alarm went of ten minutes ago. You sigh and hear someone walking to your bedroom door. The person opens the door and to no surprise it was mark. "Hey you up?Can you shut that damn thing of?!"Mark says with a short laugh."Yeah yeah... hey did you make food?"I ask him smelling the air."Yeah I was hungry and board so I did!"He says with a smile. I've lived with mark for two years since I lost my job and I have no money so he said it was fine to stay with him for as long as I liked! I love hanging out with him since he makes dirty yet super funny jokes that I would never resist laughing. If mark likes me I'd be the happiest girl ever but he has put the 'hints' out as I call it! He makes amazing things for me, he hugs me really tight, he sneaks a kiss every now and then which makes me blush 24/7!!"So what do you want to do mark?" I ask him finishing my last bite."I was hoping I could do this..." "Do wh-" Mark cuts me of with a kiss, his eyes closed but mine open. He slowly breaks the kiss and looks into my eyes. "M-mark...?" I ask him. He smiled and kissed me again,I put my arms around his neck. "I've loved you since we where little... I was glad that you stayed with me and....I want you to be with me..."Mark says taking my hands."Will you da-"I cut him off with a kiss."Yes... I love you..."I say hugging him tightly." Your my tiny boxed girl..."Mark says making me smile."Your my tiny box mark..."I say to him and he softly laughed.Mark finally asked after these own markimoo..

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