My tiny boxed girl~ reader x markipler

Mark was your childhood friend and he always helped you but once he tells you he loves you it changes everything! He cares for you and protects you from all danger. He is your tiny box mark and your his tiny boxed girl.~~


5. day five - names

I walk to the kitchen to get a drink, mark appeared out of no where behind me, I turn around and I scream a little, "AH! d-damn it mark don't do that!" I say as he laughs at my reaction. "Yeah laugh it all out ya weirdo" I smile, "S-sorry kitten I didn't think you'd react that way!" He smiles hugging me but I soon break the embrace to look at him confused. "Did you just call me 'kitten'?" I ask him with a face, "Yes, why?" He asks confused and I cross my arms, "Really? I thought you had better names then that." I basically tease him but I don't really try to. "Oh really now?" He says, I smile and I walk away but I was held back by mark holding my arm tightly. "Mark what are you doing?" I ask as his grip gets tighter and it starts to hurt. "m-mark stop it that hurts." I tell him, he didn't react to what I said he just kept his grip tightly, he then shakes his head like he saw something that wasn't there, "huh? Oh I'm sorry pumpkin did I hurt you?" He asks pulling me into another embrace, I was confused but I didn't question it. "Mark have you been feeling okay lately?" I ask him and he looks down at me. "No why do you ask? Did I do something weird?" He asks me totally forgetting what had happened. "Yeah just a second ago, how do you not remember mark? You where gabbing my arm really hard and you had no emotion on your face." My words stunned mark a bit as I look at him. "Wow I'm sorry pumpkin I don't remember that at all."He says kissing the top of my head holding me a bit tighter and I hug back. I was shocked that mark didn't remember anything of what happened, if chica could talk that cute little pup would have told mark what happened since she was sitting next to me the whole time that little cutie. "Well I'm gonna go to my room, call me if you need anything." I tell mark as I head to my room, mark just nodded as he stood by the sink in the kitchen, he just stood there not doing anything making me worry more about him. Chica followed me to my room and i slightly closed the door leaving a crack for chica to come in and out freely without clawing at my door. Twenty minutes later mark knocks on my door, "Come in." I say pausing a video I was watching, mark walks in and I sit up from my bed and he sits next to me. "Whats wrong mark?" I ask him concerned, "I want to make up for what I did..."He says putting his hand on my knee and I smile."Mark you did nothing wrong!"I say holding his hand and he smiles, "Now come here!"I say slightly pulling him to me and he laughs a little, he lays next to me kissing my cheek, I could tell I was blushing since my face felt like it was on fire. "Aw pumpkin your face is like wild fire."He says looking me in the eyes, his eyes where dark but had so much life in them and I would always find myself lost in his eyes. "You okay (y/n)? You seem...lost."His deep voice echoed threw my head making me blush,"y-yeah I-I'm okay mark, d-don't worry about it!" I say stuttering a little, I swear mark does this to see how I react, "M-mark I swear I'll-" My sentence was cut short by mark kissing me, My face was on fire and he slowly broke the kiss, "Well we should go to bed." Mark says laying on my bed closing his eyes. I smiled and I lay on my side falling asleep...

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