Back luck in love

Juliana Scott, is a girl who travells to England to meet her parents.she didn´t know that was going to meet Louis Tomlinson a handsome boy who is a member of a band call One Direction.


2. the travel to England

My name is Juliana Scott, I am from your country but my fathers are from England.This year I am going to travel to England to meet my parents now that I have never met them.I am nervous but I feel that this travel will be amazing.I am in the airport waiting for the plane.

-the passengers of the airplane AF688 come please- said the flight attendant while  I was checking in, I am going  to the chair to sit-


Hi my name is Demi, what is your name?-said the girl besides me-

Hi my name is Juliana, how are you?- I replied-

I'm fine and you?- say Demi-

fine, mmm are you going to England for vacations?-I asked-

no, I go for travelling and you?- she asked


I go to know my parents-I say with a smile-

you do not know your parents?-said in amazed-

Yes-I Reply

Good luck-She says


When the plane land, I go out.

Demi and I became friends. she is very funny and we have many things in common


hey where are you staying?-I say-

mmm… I don't know-she said-

why don't you stay with me in an apartment I rent?

really?? OMG yes. thanks- She said-

Hahaha-I say-


We take a taxi. when Demi said

I got a question- putting her hands on her head

what is it? - I replied wondering

I can’t understand how is that you don’t know your parents?-

ah that, according to my uncles; my parents left me when I was 2 or 3 years old with them-

your uncles?

yes. And now my parents went to ...

-London, isn’t it? - She returned to interrupt

- yes. And as I said stop interrupting please!  So mmmm  … I lived all my life with my uncles and

on this trip I finally I could meet them.  -I could join my hands to theirs and hug  them to finally feel happy.  

your life is a little weird ... -She stares at me and changing the topic she paid the taxi.


So ... which is the apartment? -She said in a hurry.

- I think this is it….. I took a paper out that was in my pocket -407 was written


We open the door, we were surprised to realize how small it was


Now… what we are we going to do?- asked Demi

So… let’s fix it to live comfortable. I said  while I dropped the bag in the floor.



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