Alone (N.H.) (Mpreg)

Niall feels alone after Zayn gets pregnant and every boy surrounds Zayn especially his fiancé Louis so he starts to pack and stays with the 5SOS boys and starts having feelings for Luke but he is marrying Louis


1. Unnoticed

[Niall's POV]


Today i was 3 Months pregnant but the focus was on Zayn today because he just took a pregnancy test Well Lou was the only one caring for me That is why i am marrying him and I said i was Happy for Zayn to be honest all the boy in One Direction have kids with one another take for example I was the first one to get pregnant and Lou is the father and Zayn got pregnant and well I am the father i just had hormones and Zayn comforted me and one thing led to another but nevermind that Lou does not need to know i cheated on him so Zayn said Harry was the father and once we found out i was have triplet boys Lou and Zayn got excited.


-3 months later-


Lou now has his attention on Zayn and im all alone well Zayn cares about me he even helped me name the triplets the names are Dustin,Travis,and Zayn Jr. i didn't name one Louis Jr. because he only wanted to help Zayn so i packed up and Left Zayn a long letter and Louis a long letter also and headed to Australia to lay low with 5sos


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