TheOdd1sOut Fanfiction

I was inspired after watching his video of him reading fan fiction�� #iwillloveyouforever #jamessenpai


1. Chapter 1

I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling, thinking about the previous day. I had gotten enough courage to talk to James, the boy I've had a crush on for most of my high school years. It was kind of sad, okay...very sad, that I didn't talk to him until our senior year of high school. I mean come on! This is how the conversation went.


I looked at him across the library, he was making one of his comics. I have seen a few and they were super cool and funny. I walked over to him thinking, why not, and spoke to him for the first time ever.

"Hey, James....right?" I said, trying to act like I haven't liked or even knew about him. He looked up and smiled. Oh my gosh! He's got the cutest smile! I contain my excitement.

"Hey, yeah...James. You're Dani right?" He replied. I internally freaked. He knows my name?!

"Yeah. I have seen some of your comics, they are awesome..." I say, hoping he doesn't think I'm weird. He pulls out a chair and gestures for me to sit. I put my bag on the table and sit down next to him. We talk for about an hour before I have to leave.

"...bye..." I say.

"Bye. Hey, would you maybe like to hang out on Sunday?" He asked. Um, YES!

"Yeah, sure...That would be cool." I smile. He smiles back. I grab my things and walk to my car thinking about my major accomplishment. This is going to be awesome!

*End Flashback*

Today is Sunday....I am TOTALLY unprepared, and honestly I can't comprehend the situation I've gotten myself into. What did he mean by hang out, is this a date?! Are we going to become more than friends?! Why am I freaking out...whatever. I calm myself down and relax as I pick up my phone and check Instagram. Tonight will be interesting.

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