A Witch Tale

Not all villains are bad but the circumstances are. For a Villain is just a victim whose story has never been understood by others. This is the story of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Who was both the angel and the devil.
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4. Rebel





Now, Mycroft couldn't stay apart from the man she came to love. She was happy, as she was disgusted. For a witch to fall in love with a human was both repulsive and unheard of. Sometimes Mycroft would convince herself that what she felt was not love but something else, and every time she would be convinced and promise herself that she would not think about the boy again. But for her it was easier said then done, for every night when she settled in for the night, her thoughts would unconsciously stop at one point only.

The way seeing that boy gave her a pleasure she never knew existed.

Mycroft didn't want to bring shame on her name and her family by falling in love with a human. But, then nobody cared about her and hatred for others always prompted her to fall in love with that boy again and again.

I never wanted to be a witch. I don't want to kill children. I don't want to hurt anyone. Am I really a witch? I don't have any traits that match a witch. Then why should I follow the rules made by them. I am not bound by anyone. I am free. 

So, thinking such thoughts Mycroft made-up her mind. She didn't need to be afraid of anybody. Tomorrow, will be the day when Mycroft's feelings shall be revealed and nobody shall get in her way. For she is her own master.


Tomorrow, came early and it was as beautiful as Mycroft has ever seen. Thus, no day greater than  today to revel her feelings. Mycroft used a mirror for the first time in her life but like others day when being dirty was a trait for witches, today she wanted to be a human. She took a bath and made her hair and put on the best dress she ever had and put it on.

She went towards her broom but stopped in the middle. She tilted her head to one side and smiled. She took the broom and locked it in the furthest cupboard, she doesn't need it anymore. She is a human now, not a witch. Why would she ever need it?

What can possibly go wrong?







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