A Witch Tale

Not all villains are bad but the circumstances are. For a Villain is just a victim whose story has never been understood by others. This is the story of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Who was both the angel and the devil.
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3. Pale and Beautiful






It  was a pale beautifully chiseled face with a slight redness covering his cheeks because of the work he had been doing. He held an ax in when hand and the other was wiping the sweat that had collected oh his forehead. Mycroft was perplexed as she had never seen a human up close  and he looked about her age. Mycroft was so surprised that  she didn't even noticed when the stranger repeated his question. It was only at the third time did she truly hear what the boy said.

" Are you alright, Miss?"

" Yes, I am. Thank you for asking." Mycroft replied still dazed and the stranger just smiled. Mycroft felt her cheeks reddening and not to embarrass her self further fled the scene. But, so was the impression that the boy left that she would secretly go and watch the boy work but she was always careful not to get herself caught. Soon, she found herself more and more curious about the boy that she would even follow him where ever he went. She felt a emotion she had never felt before, she felt happy and giddy but she didnot know what it was called, she searched when books but in none of them was described what she felt. Her heart, which Mycroft suspected she had always skipped a beat when she saw him. Now, Mycroft started taking such risks as to go near a crowd of people which she heard was called a market.

Witches always have a mark that distinguishes them from other creatures. Some had horns, some had coloured skin of most atrocious kind or some had tails. Witches with such marks were called beautiful and powerful. But, Mycroft had no such thing, she had the same colour as that of human skin and all her physical faculties matched that of a human girl. So, she had no difficulty in mingling among the humans but she often felt uncomfortable in doing so but like other days she kept her uncomfortableness in check and went on to follow the boy. She was among the crowd when she heard a human girl talk about fillings and symptoms that Mycroft suffered. So, Mycroft automatically came to an halt and did what humans always did she eavesdropped.

After listening for some time she finally found a name to her feelings. It was called love.

Love. She liked the sound of it.









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