Sniff Sniff the diary

Caramel is a very cute, lovable rabbit. She lives a normal rabbit life with her friends/sisters. She finds it in the middle there, but she feels :-) !


5. Uh-Oh!

Today, Kitty and Lin-Lin woke me up, looking like maniacs. They wore straw hats, grass dresses and had a fine collar woven by straw. Beautiful caramel is too good for straw hats. She needs a crown. I wish I could rule my little world of rabbits. Then, I could be groomed every single day and lounge in a comfy pillow all the time. Well, I was trying to refuse wearing the silly costume, but Kitty and Lin-Lin helped each other shove one one me. I looked like a big disgrace. Finally, I vomited on the dress, and Name's dad took my costume off, then sent me to the vet. I had to stay there for one night, until my recovery. I still feel a little dizzy, but I have to get extra dinner today, so YAY!!!

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